A plastic bottle cap touched the element in the dishwasher Now I cant get the burnt smell out And when I use it the dishes now have a burnt smell Will baking soda hurt the dishwasher if I use it?

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Its about 80% likely depending on what dishwasher you have but it doesnt hurt to try once.
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How do you get a smell of burnt plastic in the house?

I do not get why you would want your house to smell like burnt plastic, but to make a long story short, go burn/melt plastic. They do not melt at very high temperatures (lcomp

How do you get rid of burnt plastic smell from dishwasher?

Run the dishwasher through a cycle with no dishes in it. Instead of using detergent, pour a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the bottom. Peroxide is used to get smells and stain

Will the smell of burnt plastic hurt cats and dogs?

Plastic is made of numerous chemicals. When it's burned these chemicals are released into the air and can do major damage to the respiratory system of any living thing includi