Are organic foods healthier than inorganic foods?

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[1] In theory, they should be. For organic foods aren't subjected to all the artificial, commercial, synthetic processing that conventional methods put their food products through. [2] Conventional production handles stresses such as disease and pests with artificial, synthetic chemicals such as the 'cides. And it can focus on quick growth to lush sizes through additives, fertilizers such as heavy-handed NPK [nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium], genetically modified organisms, and hormones. [3] Organic production responds with botanicals [made from plants], horticultural oils, and insecticidal soaps; and with compost, compost tea, and organic slow release fertilizers. [4] So a big concern with conventionally produced food is the barrage of chemicals before, during and after production; and the residues of the barrage. [5] That's not supposed to be a concern with organically produced food. [6] But some of the botanicals such as rotenone have turned out not to be so environmentally friendly.

Organic vegetables tend to be higher in antioxidants and beneficial phytochemicals like lycopene, lutein, and sulphoraphane, which are often produced by plants in response to environmental stresses and leaf damage by insect pests. Our bodies use phytochemicals like these to reduce UV damage to the eye and for tumor suppression. Conventionally grown produce is pampered: the roots are bathed in nitrate fertilizers, and prophylactic pesticide spraying kills anything that crawls, so they never get munched. Without these environmental stresses, plants produce fewer of these beneficial phytochemicals.
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Are organically grown foods really healthier than conventionally grown foods?

My humble experience--the pesticides used on produce are generally harmless in regards to humans, ecspecially if you wash/peel them well. I've been VERY ill from organic produce. And yes, I traced back through several days worth of food to pinpoint the culprit (fortunately, I was logging everythin (MORE)

Definition of healthier food.?

A food which stands to give you more nutrition and goodness than a food which gives you less nutrition and less health problems.

What is healthier food choices?

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Try picking from the rainbow of colors available to maximize variety. . Eat non-starchy vegetables such as spinach, carrots, broccoli or green beans with meals. . Choose whole grain foods over processed grain products. Try brown rice with your stir fry or whole w (MORE)

How does boiling makes food healthier?

Boiling destroys the vast majority of bacteria that is often found on the outer parts of food. In some cases the heating action helps make the food more digestible, which allows the body to take advantage of nutrients it might not be able to break down on its own.

What is healthier Chinese or Mexican food?

It is actually hard to say which is healthier because Chinese foodis not nearly as simple as many think. Chinese food is divided intoroughly four main cuisines (based off geography), with each areahaving a very distinct flavor. For instance, Sichuan food is knownfor being extremely spicy, while Cant (MORE)

Why is boiling healthier than frying foods?

Some people say it is some people say it is not.If you boil you are evapoating all the minerals.If you fry your food it will not be healthy because you broiled it in fat.I am twelve.

Are organic foods healthier for you?

Some studies have shown that this is true. However, a majority of studies, including one conducted by the United Kingdom's Food Standards Agency, conclude that there is no nutritional difference.

Is Mcdonalds healthier then school food?

School food is generally healthier. Now that obesity and healthy eating is in the spotlight, many schools have dietary guidelines to meet for the food they serve.

Is microwave cooked food is healthier than gas cooked food?

The first answer was :- i believe it is no because the microwave uses radiation waves to cook, either way microwave food is already gas pre-cooked..... My answer is :- The above answer is a common error although I simply can't understand why because Microwaves are a type of radio wave and are an (MORE)

What is the difference between organic or inorganic foods?

The difference between organic and inorganic foods is that an organic food has no pesticides or chemicals used on it to keep the bugs off and out of it. An inorganic food is just the opposite, where as it has many pesticides and chemicals to keep the bugs off and out of of it.

Is fast food or frozen food healthier?

definitely frozen food! you just have to make healthier choices like picking up a lean cuisine meal or healthy choice is another good one. Yes there are some frozen foods that pack in a lot of calories and saturated fats, but if you compare how many calories are in a Burger King meal, that alone is (MORE)

The difference between organic and inorganic food?

In general organic contains carbon molecules and/or those relatedto life. It is the chemistry of carbon containing compounds. Inorganic is everything else and generally do not contain carbon(with some exceptions).

Is organic healthier than conventional foods and why?

Yes. The pesticides used to make the un-organic foods plump and beautiful are extremely harmful to our bodies, and have even been linked to cancer. Organic foods have no pesticides and are grown naturally. They are also a more moral choice because if something is certified organic, especially meats, (MORE)

Is eating non vegetarian food healthier than vegetarian?

Answer: No. Excessive meat eating is associated with circulatory system diseases and cancer, the two leading causes of death in the U.S. Meat can also have concentrated amounts of heavy metals, pesticide residues, unnecessary drugs, saturated fat and cholesterol. Excessive protein can strain the ki (MORE)

HOW are baked foods healthier the fried foods?

well the grease/oil builds up in your body and its really not good for your skin or anything because... you are what you eat if you eat really fatty greasy foods eventually your gonna be a fat greasy person if you eat healthyer food your gonna be a healthyer person:) hope i helped at all (p.s i love (MORE)

Why are organic foods healthier than regular foods?

Organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizersand pesticides. If they are processed, they are also free of nonorganic additives and preservatives. They may also be higher innutrients, although some would dispute that.

Is organic foods healthier?

Some say they are and others say they aren't. Organic foods do not contain chemicals or GMOs, which seems like that would make them healthier.

Why would inorganic food mold faster than organic food?

Mould, a British variant of Mold is a Lifeforms. Lifeforms are formed from the foods they eat. The method of agriculture does alter the form of the food, but the growth-rate of lifeforms are specific to the conditions in which they grow in; you examined that in this particular case, mould grew subst (MORE)

Are organic or genetically modified foods healthier?

In the big picture organic is healthier. Pesticides are not good for you. Stays in your body for longer time and does not break down in soil as quickly as the bio-engineers say it does. It has been proven that pesticide residue does build up on human and animal bodies. Contaminates heirloom food see (MORE)

Why should you eat healthier food?

Your food is your fuel. If you put bad food into your body, you won't be as healthy as you would be if you put good food into your body. You are what you eat.

Is grass healthier than human food?

They are both the same, but it depends on your normal every day diet, for example, a rabbit is a vegetarian so they need grass to stay alive, but we eat a variety of foods, and we need all of the food groups to stay healthy. Which are carbohydrates fats and sugars, dairy, proteins(meat or fish) and (MORE)

How much healthier is organic food?

Although people seem to think that organic food is a lot better for you than regular food, there have been studies that prove otherwise. The pesticides and chemical fertilizers that some conventional farmers use could be more dangerous for our health than healthy.

Why is healthy food better than inorganic foods?

You mean non-organic foods. No foods are inorganic (meaning without the element carbon). The general conscious here is that organic foods are grown without the use of genetically modified crops and pesticides that ~may~ have negative effects on our health (like poisons).

Can fast food be healthier?

Technically it can be healthier, like the salads, they are healthy but its the dressing that you put on, and they dont tell you but on the packets its 2 servings of salads for that one packet & then after you dump the whole packet on the salads your up to at least 2,400 calories, and the normal calo (MORE)

Why is organic food is healthier?

Organic foods do not contain additives and preservatives that may be harmful to health. They also have not had synthetic fertilizers and pesticides used during growth, except possibly in cases that are allowed by the USDA. They do not contain GMOs unless cross pollination with GMO occurred during gr (MORE)

Is organic food a healthier option?

Organic foods do not contain additives and preservatives that may be harmful to health. They also have not had synthetic fertilizers and pesticides used during growth, except possibly in cases that are allowed by the USDA. They do not contain GMOs unless cross pollination with GMO occurred during (MORE)

Is nonfat food healthier than full fat food?

Not necessarily. In some instances when the fat is removed from food, it is replaced with sugar making it just as unhealthy. Plus sugar can make you hungry quicker than normal, which can indirectly make it worse for you than full-fat food. This practice is most prevalent in yoghurts, desserts and (MORE)

Is organic foods healthier for you the regular foods?

Yes, organic foods are much healthier for you then regular foods. They are much higher in vitamins and minerals and rarely have anything added to them. While most regular foods are full of additives and artificial ingredients that usually lack the vitamins we need every day.

Are hydrogenated foods healthier than non-hydrogenated?

What hydrogenation does is add more hydrogen atoms to fat and oil molecules, making them more saturated and thus increasing their melting temperature. Hydrogenation is frequently used to convert inexpensive vegetable oils to fats as a substitute for expensive animal fats (e.g. margarine replacing bu (MORE)