Are you supposed to store a baked cake in the refrigerator?

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not necessarily. It depends on the type of cake. If it's a cake that consists of main ingredients that you would typically store in the fridge (ie cream or cheese) then yes, definitely keep it in the fridge. If it's a regular baked cake, like a chocolate cake, then you could leave it out. Put it on a plate or platter, whatever you may have, and cover it with foil or saran wrap. Keep it in a relatively dry place and it should be fine for at least a week if you keep it covered.
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How do you bake a cake?

To bake a cake, first you have to have all the ingredients in your kitchen. You also have to have a bowl and a pan and an oven to bake it in. There are lots of additional ingr

Why does the cake bake?

because the heat will go through it and make it rise also you can make it in the microwave!!!!! love ya, subscribe!!!!!!

How long can an unbaked cake be stored in the refrigerator before baking it?

Not very long at all. The baking powder that is in it works two ways. It reacts with the liquid to cause it to rise and with the heat of the oven. Once liquid is added to the

Does a cake baked with milk in the recipe need to be refrigerated?

No it doesn't. As a rule it's not a good idea to keep cakes in the fridge as they go stale quickly. Fresh cream cakes do, however, need to be refrigerated and if you live in a
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How are the cakes baked at deli stores different from home baked cakes?

They are not really any different (ingredients are the same), but it depends how good the home cook is. Deli store workers generally either have some training in cake baking,
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Can you store flour cake in fridge after baking?

Cakes made with flour usually do not need to be refrigerated. They keep well for two or three days if kept covered at room temperature. Cakes also can be kept covered in the f