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Why does the kitchen plumbing gurgle when water drains in bathrooms?

Answer . A vacuum is being created at some point after the two drainage pipes meet. This forces air back up the other pipe and through the "U"-bend underneath the sink, causing the water to gush upwards and drain again, making the gurgling sound. Since both the bathroom and kitchen gray water supplies contain no sewage, this not harmful.

What is plumbing?

Plumbing is the art and technique of installing pipes, fixtures, and fittings. Answer 2 Plumbing , from the Latin plumbum for lead, is the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and the drainage of waste. A plumber is someone who installs or repairs piping systems, plumbing fixtures and equipment such as water heaters. The plumbing industry is a basic and substantial part of every developed economy due to the need for clean water, and proper collection and transport of wastes. [1] Plumbing also refers to a system of pipes and fixtures installed in a building for the distribution of potable water and the removal of waterborne wastes. Plumbing is usually distinguished from water and sewage systems, in that a plumbing system serves one building, while water and sewage systems serve a group of buildings or a city.(copied from wikipedia)

Why would the water level in a toliet bowl decrease?

Answer . because it might be clogged. Answer . Water level in your toilet bowl is first determined by the water level in your reserve tank on back of stool. Check there first to see if it is filling properly. Second reason, maybe that you have a obstruction in you main line, however slight it will cause gravity to take control.

Need a plumbing advice for knocking noise in the water pipe?

Most water hammering is a result of a ballcock assembly in the toilets. Replace the with a fluid master fillvale from your local hardware store or call a plumber to do it for you. If this doesn't fix the problem then an expansion tank can be added to the system at the water heater.

How do you connect PVC water line to pex plumbing?

There is a product that is sold at Home improvement stores called "SharkBite". It will allow you to connect Copper,CTS Cpvc and Pex. Here is the link to learn more. Your friend, Matt The Handyman

How do you do a complete cold water system check for plumbing course?

im doing the same course and im stuck on the same thing. I'm doing the same, when I purchased this course I was told that this scenario had a problem / fault and could not be answered. Best contact the tutors I'm on same course, and if its scenerio 1, then the obvious error is that you cant check and fix the ball valve in the cold water tank, which is allowing excess water through and causing the overflow. I managed to fix the ball valve in the CWSC by switchin off the mains stop valve under the sink and switichin off the service valve for the water storage and then draining the tank by running the bathroom cold water tap, then went back in the loft and was able to get to the ball valve to replace it. Completing a cold water system check, i don't know what I'm doing wrong, inspected everything to no avail. Best thing like the above said is to ask the tutor.

What causes oscillating water temperature in household plumbing?

1- bad tempering valve . 2- piping affected by ambient temperature . 3- Water heater not flushed and maintained as per manufacturers directions . 4- improperly piped as someone may have connected a supply line to a return circulation . 5- Aqua stat not sensing the water temperature and is "hunting " as the set temperature may be off by several degrees

When do you introduce well water into new plumbing?

Normally you would pick a place that allows both to get to know each other possibly over prime rib and some wine and yet not to fancy that they can not talk for a while and ask about their comparability such as PH factors and hardness and other desires the piping material may like

Do you have to drink water?

If you want to live. You can drink other drinks such as orange juice. But be aware--loss of water in your body might result in death!

How do you plumb a natural water spring to provide water to a house?

Measure the "recharge rate" of the spring.... how many gallons per hour will it provide? Estimate the usage of your household.... (try 80 gallons per day, per person... do the math..... (3 people X 80 = 240 gpd), if the spring wont provide a minimum of 240 gpd, then you'lll need a bigger tank than described.... install a tank that will supply 3 days of water above the house (in terms of elevation) ,.... ( 240 X 3 = 720 gallon tank... unless the recharge rate is less than 240 gpd... then - You need a BIGGER TANK).... pipe size, relative elevation and size of the tank will determine your flow and pressure at the house....(power out for 3 days and YOU still have water...) pump the water from the spring into the tank.. If you can't install a tank above the point of demand - install another pump at the outlet of the tank into a pressure / storage tank. The pump takes the water from the tank and pumps it into the pressure tank (an air bladder in the tank is charged to about 35 psi to supply a constant minimum of 35 psi). You will need adequate pumps to handle the "head" (heighth) and flow (gpm) that you require, and electicity to meet the pump needs. Call an electrician..... Hope this helps...

Toliet will not fill No water coming into tank?

Most likely, the fill valve is in the corner of the tank and has a float that goes up and down on a shaft. There are several types of these, but they all come apart in the same basic way. Shut the water off to the toilet. Either where it comes through the wall or the main shutoff for the house. Hold the shaft of the valve below the top and twist the top 1/6th of a turn counter clockwise. The top with the arm coming out of it. Lift the top off and there will be a quarter size black or red washer in the top of the stack with a small rod in the middle. Replace this washer. If there is a build of of loose sediment under the washer, turn the water on slightly while holding your hand or a cloth over the valve to flush out the sediment. Put a new washer in and the top back on. If this is too complicated, the whole fill valve is about $10 new.

Should water be visible when looking down a plumbing vent?

Water should not be visible when looking down your vent. if you see water you probably have a low spot or a plugged pipe. Some symptoms would be, toilet wont flush properly, smell of sewer because sink or tub & shower traps are being sucked dry from lack of venting. Could also hear gurggling sounds at drains. Some plumbing companies have a tool with a funny name to clean out vents.

Is PVC pipe recommended for hot water plumbing?

No, certainly not. PVC pipes can only take a certain tempreature and in most cases cannot withstand tempreatures above 60 degrees celcius. if a thermostat fails in a geyser and the hot water over boils and you run water through your PVC pipes, they can melt causing severe damage. the best pipes to use are copper and galvanised depending where you live.

What plumbing system is linked to hard water?

Household plumbing and appliances are greatly affected by hardwater conditions. Hard water is also linked to decreased waterpressure or water flow ,frozen valves and faucets,water heaters andsinks. For more information visit at:

Can a house be plumbed with half inch water lines?

It can be but shouldn't be. If its plumbed in half inch you will have a lot of issues with pressure drops and huge drops in water pressure when two taps are opened at once.Usually 20mm 3/4 is run to the shower/s and then half inch to other fixtures

Why does the toliet water flush the oppoiste way in Mexico?

\nIf you are above the equator, they flush clockwise. If you live below the equator, they flush counter clockwise. This is because of the Coriolis effect and the direction seawater flows in the ocean. Likewise to the toilet, the oceanwater travels in a clockwise pattern above the equator, and a counter clockwise pattern below the equator.

Do you die if you drink domex-toliet cleaner?

There are many different specific products with the Domex label.Some of them contain Sodium Hypochlorite (household bleach), whichcan be lethal if ingested. Other products in the brand line contain a wide variety ofchemicals, most of which are toxic to ingest and can be lethal ifenough is ingested. If someone drinks a bottle of a chemical, call 911 (or your localemergency number) and then call Poison Control (in the US,1-800-222-1222)

Lower water level in toliet bowl?

If you mean lowering the level the water is when it stops filling then the answer is that you can't. Some fill to a low point maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the bowl and others are at 1/2 or more. This is how they are designed and there is no way to change it. It's how the bowl is cast.

What do drinking no water does?

first of all the question should be *" what does not drinking water do"*. when you don't drink water for awhile you start to dehydrate and after that die of thirst

Is it normal to have water in an plumbing air vent?

Of course that is why any legitimate master plumber will install a vent pitching upwards from the fixtures it is serving so the condensation will flow back to the drain or in severe cases a drip leg is installed

Can dogs drink from the toliet?

It won't hurt a dog to drink out of the toilet they are just trying to get fresh water that is in the toilet when you flush it.

What drink does not have water in it?

milk is a drink with out water. just kidding, milk definitely has water in it. as far as I can think, all drinks that are commonly consumed by humans contain some water. -albert einstein.

Where do you get the water you drink?

It's all rain water and after we drink it (or flush it down the loo) it goes to a sewage plant where it gets processed and filtered. Then we drink it again and this cycle happens over 10 000 000 times a year.

What do you have to do plumbing?

You don't need plumbing as many cave dwellers and folks in the UK and other parts of the Crown have no need for indoor plumbing as they are now becoming more Muslim majority nations they no longer have to compete as a world power and in the next generation only the truly religions will conqueror the crown.

What does it mean if your toliet is clogged and water is coming up through the tub and shower drain?

It means that your main drain line is clogged downstream from where your drain from your tub ties into your toilet drain and the problem can be a hundred of different reasons. The first thing I would check is your clean out (if you have/find one) outside of your home usually within 2 to 5 feet from your outside wall. If you do find the clean out then take off the clean cover and see if your clean out pipe is full of sewage ( becareful of taking off clean out cover because it might have a lot of pressure behind it if clogged) If you can not find a clean out then if possible wait till the tub drains and then use a shop vac to vacuum out the toilet and then pull the toilet and snake down the toilet drain or if you find a clean out then snake down the clean out. When you run a snake down the clean out or toilet drain if possible run water down it too while you snake the drain line. Most drain lines do not plug up if they are plumbed in right which means have the right grade and have the right fittings so back to your question this could be possible that you have a problem in your drain line and I would (after you clear the line) check it with a camera other wise you might have to snake out your drain line often.

What drinks have no water?

Other than pure grain alcohol, there are no drinks that don't contain water. Milk, juices, and softdrinks all contain water.

Why does dogs drink out of the toliet?

Cause it tastes sooo good;) No just kidding! They probably don't think there is any difference between their own water and that of the toilet. So just whatever is more convenient, that's where they go. If you don't want your dog doing that then either keep the bathroom door shut or keep the lid to the toilet down at all times. Hope this helped:) Because it taste like the same everyday water.

How do you adjust the float valve to lower the water level in the tank of the toliet?

If you have the type of valve with a rod and ball, there should be an adjustment screw on the top of the valve where the rod attaches. Screw it in if possible or if corroded, just bend the rod down a little bit If you have the type that has a float that rides up and down on a shaft, it adjusts one of two ways. If there is a small metal rod beside the float, there is a pressure clip on the rod that is adusted up and down to set the level. If there is a black plastic rod, it screws to adjust the level.

How expensive are plumbed in water coolers?

The cost of plumbed in water coolers will vary depending on where one is purchasing them from. In the United Kingdom they generally cost between £400 and £600.

What cause water from the toliet when flushing to come up in the bath tub?

The main drain is plugged at least partially. The tube drain either connects to the drain from the toilet and then to the main stack or they both connect at the same point and since the toilet can't drain through the main pipe, it goes the only place it can which is the tube. If other drains in the house drain alright and the tub will drain, a good plunging of the toilet may solve the problem.