Can you replant tomato plants?

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Cannot answer without a little more context to the question. If you are asking, can I transplant a tomato from one location to another, the answer is yes. You will have more success if the transplant is still a small seedling. Relocating tomato plants later in the season may affect fruit production, since you will be disturbing the root system which may require some recovery time before the plant will grow more.
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What is replanting?

Lifting a plant from a nursery bed and planting in its permanent home is one type of replanting. Another type is when a field is planted, but is lost early in the season due t

Why doesn't my tomato plant have tomatos?

Conditions Are too Good The mostcommon reason why an apparently healthy tomato plant has no fruit,when growing outdoors, is that its soil is too fertile. Tomatoplants go to

Why does your tomato plant have flowers but no tomatoes?

If the air is extremely still for weeks at a time, or you are growing tomatoes indoors, you can get blooms that do not "set" into fruit. This is because they are not getting p

When to replant your strawberry plant?

You can replant a strawberry plant any time during the growing season. Just make sure you pick off all the blooms that appear on the strawberry plant.

How do you plant tomato plants?

Get seeds and plant them or get the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter. If you buy the plant in the store partly grown, bury 3/4 of the tomato plant underground. well most people bu

How do you grow tomato from a tomato plant?

Tomatoes are easy to grow from a plant. The main things the plant needs are good, loose soil, water, sunshine, and more sunshine. A great way to get good soil is to throw
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What is replantation?

Replantation refers to reattachment of a completely severed part, meaning there is no physical connection between the part that has been cut off and the person.

What compost can be used to replant a ficus plant?

A general purpose compost and soil potting mix or a vermi-compost can be used to replant a ficus plant. The woody plant in question may be found as a popular indoor plant. It