Does a banana travel by a boat?

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If you buy a banana in Europe, changes are almost 100% that your banana has been travelling by boat. Sea transport has always been very important to the organisation of a banana exporting. From the nineteenth century, the banana trade has basically connected tropical producing countries with northern hemisphere markets. The earliest connections were from West Indian islands to Britain and France, and from the Caribbean coasts of Central and South America to the United States.
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How fast does a boat travel?

How fast a boat can travel varies based on the type of boat. Someboats travel at very slow speeds like 3-4 knots, and others at 80+knots.

How far can a boat travel?

Depends on how much fuel, food and spares it's carrying. Several times around the world isn't a problem.

Can you travel from England to Japan on a boat?

Travel by boat from England to Japan is a possible trip, but a long one. Modern travelers will utilize the Suez canal which connects the Mediterranean sea to the Indian ocean via the long and narrow(for a sea) red sea. This man made short cut cuts the trip almost by one-third or more... From the Ind (MORE)

Where was shot the banana boat sunscreen commercial?

I just saw the commercial and logged in to know if my assumption was true. My wife was hesitant to believe that It was shot in Punta del Este, Uruguay. I am 100% certain that it was filmed by the sea port, playa mansa and Jose Ignacio!!! I grew up vacationing there. It took me the first shot by the (MORE)

How fast does a tug boat travel?

That's like asking how fast does a car travel. It depends on the car. Tug boats are powerful but not very fast. An average top speed may be about 13 kts. plus or minus 4 kts.

Do boats travel?

Boats don't travel on it's own. People steer it and maybe, in a row boat, the row the boat.

How many food miles do bananas travel?

It depends on the country that you are from, but bananas are almostalways going to have a lot of "food miles." They likely had totravel over a thousand miles to reach your store.

Where did Banana Boat sunscreen come up with its name?

Some land lover who has no clue of the history of bad luck and banana's on boats, was sitting in his office one day, before peeling his banana, he stopped to look at it, thought it looked like a boat and created a corporate campaign around it. sad,

What boats did Charles Darwin travel in?

Darwin traveled on HMS Beagle. His voyage was extensive, stopping at many exotic places and a trip which took nearly five years; they did not to return to England until October 2, 1836. During that time, they visited Tenerife, the Cape Verde Islands, the Brazilian coast, Argentina, Uruguay, Tierra d (MORE)

Where does a U-boat travel?

\nYou probably want to know about a "U-Boat", from "Unterseeboot", German for Undersea Boat, or, in other words, a submarine.\n. \nSo the answer is "underwater"..

What is Banana boat song about?

This is a song about Jamaicans loading the banana boats and waiting for the 'tally man' to count their load so they could leave and go home.

Did they travel in boats to America?

Not sure to whom you are referring. The early settlers traveled by ship. After the introduction of transatlantic flights, people could choose between ships or planes.

What is the original banana boat song?

The Answer can be found in the history of Trinidad where the banana boat song was a traditional Jamaican song. They loved The Belafonte version and won't argue about copyrights. They just love music in that style

How do you travel to Spain by boat from the US?

You can book through a cruise vacation with a stop in the country of Spain. But if you intend on traveling from USA to Spain; I do not know if there is such route. But if ever you are in Spain please do not miss to visit Tenerife.

How many you-boats traveled together?

Although U-Boats often employed "Wolfpack" tactics, this did notmean the traveled together. Each U-Boat would travel alone, whileothers patrolled their own section of sea, miles away. However if 1U-Boat did come across Allied shipping, they would send out radiosignals to any other U-Boat within dist (MORE)

How far do bananas travel to get to the uk?

Well, it depends on where the bananas are coming from. Although I'd imagine most would come from Latin America, there are bananas grown fairly close to the UK: in Spain. This distance would most likely take a day or less, depending on means of transportation. You could see a week or less if coming f (MORE)

Is there a superstition about bananas on fishing boats?

There are many stories, some saying that ships hauling cargo (among them bananas) would sink and that the predominate feature on the surface was yellow bananas. I read that in Florida, charter boat captains have banned all things banana. No lotion with the word banana on it. No muffins with the offe (MORE)

Can you use an expired banana boat tanning oil?

yes, you can. unless its over 2 years expired. you can even use expired lotion. the only reason why you might not want to use expired lotion is the lotion will be all peely and just gross. but it wont harm your skin.

Are bananas bad luck on a boat?

It is considered to be bad luck in the Hawaiian culture because the sailors there would always take bananas with them on the boat, the bananas would always rot around the time the boat got far enough into the ocean, sea, etc. to catch any fish, the Hawaiians associated this with bad luck.

Why explorers want to travel by boat?

A lot of the unmapped places were easiest to get to across water, and sometimes explorers didn't want to interact with locals by traveling by land.

What is the recipe for Banana Boat Sundae?

Banana Boat Sundae . Ingredients: . HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK Syrup . 3 scoops ice cream . 1 banana, split-down-the-middle . REESE'S Peanut Butter Dessert Toppings . HERSHEY'S Classic Caramel Topping . HERSHEY'S Triple Chocolate Dessert Toppings . HERSHEY'S Double Chocolate Sundae Syrup (MORE)

When does Banana boat sunscreen expire?

To know it's expiration date, check the bottle. All products have manufacturing and expiration dates indicated either in the bottom of the container or on it's cap or lid.

Can a person travel from the U.S. to London by boat?

Yes you can. The Cunard cruise line offers regular service between New York and Southampton, England via the Queen Mary 2 and occasionally with their other ships the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria. Check the Cunard website for a schedule of sailings. There are transfer services available to (MORE)

Where did Charles Darwin travel on his boat?

Darwin traveled on HMS Beagle. This voyage was extensive, stopping at many exotic places and a trip which took nearly five years; they did not to return to England until October 2, 1836. During that time, they visited Tenerife, the Cape Verde Islands, the Brazilian coast, Argentina, Uruguay, Tierra (MORE)

Where to buy banana boat tanning?

walmart, but remember the damage this can do do skin! maybe try some self tanner mixed with moisturizer instead? you can find it in the makeup aisle. give it a shot. much better for your skin!

What are the names of the boats Captain Cook traveled in?

James Cook commanded three ships, the HM Bark Endeavour, the Resolution and the Adventure . Cook's best known ship was the ' Endeavour ', which departed Plymouth, England, on 26 August 1768 on Cook's expedition to observe the transit of Venus from the vantage point of Tahiti. It was on this (MORE)

Why did James Cook travel by boat?

Because he was sent to Tahiti to observe the Transit of Venus, to aid in the scientific effort of the day to mathmatically calculate Earth's distance from the sun, and travelling by ship was a whole lot more sensible than swimming there! He had no real options to travelling by boat in the late 1700s (MORE)

Can you travel by Boat from Chicago to Toronto?

Yes, it is possible, but extremely ineffiecient. Using GoogleEarth's path distance tool, I found that, by zig-zagging throughthe great lakes, the distance is 812 nautical miles, or almost 1000standard miles. It would be much faster to just go by train or car.

Why cant you travel boat on Jupiter?

Jupiter does not have a defined surface. currently the "surface" isconsidered to be the top of the visible cloud deck. Below thattemperature and pressure gredually increase until the atmospheregraduall phases into a supercritical fluid, neither liquid nor gas.Below that the supercritical fluid phase (MORE)

Where can one find a banana boat recipe holder?

Although extensive research has been done there does not appear to be any information about where one might find a banana boat recipe holder. There are a variety of banana boat recipes that are available on sites such as All Recipes and Betty Crocker.