Does packaged pasta good bad?

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Packaged pasta has a long shelf life, and does eventually go bad if it goes unused for a long period of time. The only food that has no expiration date is honey.
Yes, as to the date on package
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Can pasta sauce go bad?

If the original jar or can has been opened, the answer is YES ... this is because you have removed the air tight seal and have allowed ourside air to get inside the jar or can

Is pasta good for you?

Yes, pasta is good for you, but, like any foods, only in aregulated quantity.

Is pasta bad for a diet?

It is not good for a diet if you are counting carbohydrates. If you aren't counting carbohydrates, pasta can be a good part of your regular diet, but if you are trying to los

Can pasta go bad?

Cooked pasta can (and will) certainly go moldy after roughly a week in the fridge. Dried pasta can keep for easily over a year if stored airtight in a dark place.

When does cooked pasta go bad?

Once cooked, pasta should be refrigerated. Cooked pasta will lastin the refrigerator for close to two to three days.

Is eating raw pasta bad?

Fresh raw pasta dough may be made from undercooked egg, which can be questionable. I have eaten raw pasta. It can be hard on your gums, but otherwise there is no real problem

Is pasta bad for you?

No, not if it's eaten without added oils and fats and ate in moderation. It's definitely not bad for you if you eat it before strenuous activity like before a hockey game or s

Why is pasta bad for you?

As a part of a balanced diet - it isn't. Answer It is actually not bad for you in a moderate diet. One box of pasta has about 250-300 calories, and has good source of prot
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Is uncooked pasta bad for dogs?

yes it is if you don't have food for your pet why give them uncooked food animals are like humans but in different ways so do not give them uncooked food they will get very ve

Is pasta bad for gout?

It depends. Refined carbohydrates can increase gout symptoms. However, complex carbs, like whole grain pasta, are good to eat with gout.