How does a pressure cooker work?

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To know how a pressure cooker works you must know the physics behind it. The boiling point of water is 100°C. When boiling with in a pot with no cap, no matter how much you heat, it will never go past the temperature of 100°C because of evaporation. Also the vaporized steam is the same temperature of the boiling water. So when you cook with a pot of water this time with a sealed cap, as you try to add more heat by increasing the temp., all that will happen is that the vapor will try to escape but because it is a sealed environment it will not be able to escape resulting in the build up of pressure (or force/area). The temperature and pressure will have a direct proportional relationship so as one increase so does the other. Also steam has 6 times the heat potential when it condenses (changes from gas to liquid state of matter) on a cold food product. The build up of pressure and heat potential are two factors which enable pressure cookers to cook foods faster and more efficiently.

In pressure cooker the pressure develops inside the vessel as time goes on. As pressure increases the boiling point of water also increases. Food inside the pressure cooker cooked very fast because of high boiling temperature, means the food is not cooked at 100 C but much higher temperature than 100 C.
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Pressure cookers generally operate at 15psi (~760mmHg) above atmospheric pressure. Since atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psi, the pressure within the cooker is about double the atmospheric pressure. Once the operating pressure is attained, the temperature in the pot stabilizes at the boiling point for water at that pressure, which is about 120 C (248 F) at 2 atmospheres of pressure. Further temperature increase is prevented since the pressure is stabilized by the constant venting of steam from the cooking vessel.

If the temperature is raised by only 20 C above open pot boiling, why is the cooking time so much faster? The answer is that cooking results from chemical reactions in the food, and the rate at which all chemical reactions occur depends on the temperature. The temperature dependence of reactions is variable, but a rough rule of thumb is that the rate will double for every 10 C increase in temperature. Therefore the reactions that occur during cooking will occur roughly 4 times faster in a pressure cooker at 120 C, and the food will cook in one quarter of the time.
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What are the disadvantages of using a pressure cooker?

Answer . Depending on usage and care, the gasket will need replacing every now and then, and occasionally some new manufacturers will come and go, leaving the consumer with no options. The old style hissing models of the past are gone; today's new, modern pressure cookers are very quiet, totally (MORE)

What are the dangers in using a pressure cooker?

There are three primary dangers in using a pressure cooker. One is the failure of the vessel during a cooking evolution. The earliest pressure cookers failed once in a while, and the results were terrible. You can imagine the metal vessel rupturing with the resulting release of a large quantity of e (MORE)

What is a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is a cooking vessel that is enclosed with a lid that seals to the pan with a rubber gasket, which cooks at a pressure that is higher than the atmospheric pressure. These cookers are usually made of thick-wall stainless steel or thick aluminum. In the lid is a small vent-hole that c (MORE)

How a pressure cooker works?

A pressure cooker works on the vaporization principle. pressure builds up inside the cooker as the water inside it boils. it produces steam, which causes the temperature inside it to rise. the high temperature and pressure will result in a shorter cooking time Added fact: boiling point of a liqui (MORE)

Disadvantages of pressure cooker?

Well My chemistry professor once told me if the food is cooked above 110 C it causes some amino acids or fats (cant exactly recall) to change their chemical composition becomming toxic(not so much). It may ultimately lead to stomach disorders etc...

What uses does a pressure cooker have?

\nIt provides faster cooking of foods. The increased pressure and holding that higher pressure allows the water to rise to a higher temperature before biling out as steam thus cooking faster.\n. \nThe same principle is used in automobile radiators to pressurized them and allow higher water temperat (MORE)

Where do you get reciepes for your mirro pressure cooker?

I have a Mirro Pressure cooker and it does not come with reciepes for regular cooking. I need reciepes for cooking veg. not just canning. Where do I get them.. go to every type you can think of. some date back to the early fourties. just type what your doing. expample "beef stew" you will (MORE)

How do pressure cookers work?

Pressure cookers work by sealing in all the gasses. The water in the pressure cooker will boil and fill the container with water vapor. The added water vapor increases the pressure inside the container. The higher something is under pressure the more heat it will take for it to boil. This means that (MORE)

What are the advantages of using a pressure cooker?

ADVANTAGES OF USING A PRESSURE COOKER: 1)Foods cook much faster with pressure cooking than with other methods. Due to the shorter cooking time, vitamins are preserved relatively well during pressure cooking. 2)Cooking food in pressure cookers requires much less water than conventional boilin (MORE)

What is pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is an enclosed cooking vessel -- with a lid that seals to the pan with a rubber gasket that cooks at a pressure that is higher than the atmospheric pressure. They are usually made of thick wall stainless steel or thick aluminum. The lid contains a small vent-hole that contains a pr (MORE)

How do you use the imusa pressure cooker?

It is used the same as most any other pressure cooker. Cooking time for different food can be found with a simple search online. The Imusa cooker i have didn't come with a small cooking rack which is kind of a bummer so the food must be placed in the liquid. But for a mid meatloaf you add about 1/2 (MORE)

What are the advantages of a pressure cooker?

The increased Pressure inside of a closed vessel will allow the cooking temperatures in the Foods' Moisture to go above 212 o (boiling point of water). Therefore the higher temperature reduces the Cooking Time, and preserves Nutrients. Some people also feel that it helps to preserve Flavor.

How do you make a still out of a pressure cooker?

Okay the basic operation of a still is simply to take the steam from a boiling liquid and condense it back to a liquid state again. Although a pot still can be made with any type of cooking pot with a lid I recommend that you use a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker is preferable for a few reasons: (MORE)

What is Description of a pressure cooker?

they look like a regular pot but the lid is screwd in tighly and at the top it has a cilindrical metal weight that moves and makes a hizzing sound when the preassure starts scaping trhoug it.

On what principle pressure cooker is based?

the principle of a pressure cooker it o pressurise a cabin to a high pressure .Which can then cook foods very quickly due to the pressure.The pot can then be removed by releasing the pressure valve.

How do you cook artichokes in a pressure cooker?

If you plan to cook the artichokes whole, first remove the other leaves, and open the center delicately to remove the choke. Then, put the steamer basket in your pressure cooker (if you don't have one those metal foldable ones that open like flowers will do) add two cups of water with a squirt of le (MORE)

What does 'live in a pressure cooker' mean?

One meaning of the expression "pressure cooker" is a situation orplace that causes anxiety or difficulties. A pressure cooker is a pot that is locked down to apply pressure tothe cooking food. This term means that the people are locked into acloseness and cannot get out of the situation, so that e (MORE)

Potatoes in pressure cooker?

I cook potatoes in the pressure cooker all the time. They are tasty and the vitamins are preserved. You can cook them whole, and then when they cool, the peel comes off easily. Or cut them into even-sized pieces. Put the potatoes in the pressure cooker and add a half cup of water. Follow the manufa (MORE)

Different parts of a pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers are like ordinary pots, except for the covers. The cover must close very tightly, and there must be a way of releasing steam. Some cookers have a gasket, a rubber ring that fits into the inside of the cover. All pressure cookers have two important parts: some kind of mechanism in t (MORE)

What is the best pressure rice cooker?

I say hands down Cuckoo Rice cooker....They have the best after service and the best looking rice cookers. The other brands I heard had too many problems...I love my Cuckoo!!!

How do you cook risotto in a pressure cooker?

There are step-by-step photographed instructions for cooking risotto in the pressure cooker here: Enjoy!

What are Pressure cooker. it is boiler or not?

no, it is not a boiler. pressure cookers are pots that use pressure to cook food. now where there is pressure, there is heat . It's simple science. The heat then cooks the food. happy cooking!! added answer: pressure does not cause heat. Pressure simply allows the boiling point of the liquid to be (MORE)

Why do pressure cookers have plastic handles?

because if it would be a metal handle being a conductor of heat and electricity,,,,,it would conduct heat and electricity and we may get our handa burnt or get a electric to avoid this....plastic is used as it is a insulator of both heat and eleatricity

How do you cook with a pressure cooker?

If you have a tower pressure cooker with weights on top...say you were making pea soup then half fill pan with peas and water, place the lid, place the weights on top, turn gas hob on full to you hear pppsssss, then just lower the temp and leave for 10 min. Gently release the pressure by lifting sli (MORE)

How do you use pressure cookers?

Pressure cookers can be dangerous. You have to make sure the seal (gasket) is in good condition and that the valve is working if you are using one you got secondhand. There should be instruction manuals for many pressure cookers on the Internet. Basically pressure cookers build up heat because th (MORE)

What gas law could apply to how pressure cooker works?

Boiling point = temperature where the vapour pressure is equal to the pressure of the atmosphere above the liquid. When you have a pressure cooker, the pressure above the water is higher than atmospheric pressure, therefore the boiling point of water is elevated to above the boiling point in an op (MORE)

Why is it easier to cook in a pressure cooker?

The universal gas law states that (pressure * volume/temperature) of a gas is a constant. Hence, if the volume stays the same (as in a pressure cooker), the air in the cooker can increase in temperature beyond the boiling point of water as pressure builds up over the normal atmospheric pressure. A h (MORE)

How do pressure cookers intrinsically work?

Pressure cooking works by using steam to cook food. During pressure cooking liquid is sealed inside an air tight cooking pot. As the temperature rises inside the cooking pot the liquid is vaporized, increasing the pressure inside the pressure cooker.&As the pressure rises so does the maximum tempera (MORE)

How exactly do pressure cookers work?

Pressure cookers, as it says on the tin, use pressure to cook. The sealer container does not allow air or liquid to escape, except below some preset pressure. As the pressure increases, so does water's boiling point, which allows the liquid to reach a higher temperature without boiling. At the begin (MORE)

Why cooking with a pressure cooker is faster?

Because the boiling point of water increases as the pressure increases, the pressure built up inside the cooker allows the liquid in the pot to rise to a higher temperature before boiling thus cooking the food faster than usual.

What is the pressure created in a pressure cooker?

Steam. When the lid of a pressure cooker is locked down the pot and contents are an air tight or steam tight system. As heat is applied to the pot , water in the pot is converted to steam. Being in an air tight container the steam is unable to escape and the pot becomes pressurized. Water boiling in (MORE)

Can griddles be used with pressure cookers?

Of course it will work. The griddle size and the cooker size needs to allow the cooker to sit flat on the griddle to allow efficient transfer of heat. Check griddle temp with cooking thermometer for correctness.

How much does a pressure cooker cost?

A pressure cooker varies in price. A person can buy an expensive pressure cooker or a cheaper pressure cooker. They cost around forty dollars to one hundred thirty dollars.

Where can one get a Cuisinart pressure cooker?

Cuisinart pressure cookers can be found in brick and mortar stores that sell home appliances, such as Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Kohl's. Another excellent place to look for Cuisinart pressure cookers is Amazon.

How food is cooked in a pressure cooker?

To understand how a pressure cooker works, you need to know just alittle about physics. Simply put, water boils at 212o Fahrenheit.At this point, no matter how long you continue to boil, it alwaysstays the same temperature. As the water evaporates and becomessteam it is also the same temperature, 21 (MORE)