How many inches does a Lima bean grow a week after it has sprouted?

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at least 1 or 2 inches
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How many days does it take for lima beans to grow 5 inches?

The amount of time it takes for a lima bean to grow depends onseveral factors; depth of seeds in the soil, temperature of thesoil and the condition of the soil. Seeds start to

Does coffee grow lima beans?

Coffee does not grow lima beans. However, used coffee grounds canhelp lima beans grow properly. When combined with fertilizer andother soil additives, coffee grounds can help

Will a bean sprout grow in the dark?

No. because every living creatures or being needs light to survive.. Not to sure about the bean sprout - but there are many forms of life that grow in complete darkness.

How do you sprout dried lima beans?

Soak them over night, and then put them in a jar with a ventilated lid so air can get in and get out. Rinse them daily, and drain out excess water. When they sprout they are d

How do you grow bean sprouts?

You can sprout any beans or alfalfa seeds, radish seeds etc. Use a clear see through container (with a lid) such as a glass jar or there are special sprouting containers yo

Can you sprout lima beans in a bag?

Because of their large size, lima beans are great for watching as they sprout. Give each student a plastic baggie, preferably with a ziploc-type top. Each student places a cou

Can a Lima bean sprout in rocks?

Yes. My son just proved this as part of his science experiment. Seeds were over-watered in rocks, top soil, mulch and sand. Beans grew in 2 of the 3 cups of rocks and 2 of the