How much work can a 500 watt electric mixer do in 2.50 minutes?

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The work or energy in Joules is the power in watts times the number of second it runs for. So 500 watts for 150 seconds is 75,000 Joules.
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What makes an electric kitchen mixer work?

The general answer is that the electric motor makes it go. Electricity is converted to mechanical energy by the motor, and the power is transferred through gears (to correct speed) and coupled to the mixing head or to the mixer blade shafts.

If an electric eel produces 500 volts of electricity how many watts is that... if you need amperes to get the answer how do you find that out?

158.11388300841898 volts WRONG According to: "Electric Fish." Encyclopedia Americana . the answer is: "The electric eel ( Electrophorous electricus ) can produce a discharge of over 500 volts (at about one ampere) and the fresh water African catfish ( Malapterurus electricus ) produces abou (MORE)

Which is better between a 700 watt stand mixer and an 800 watt stand mixer?

Which one to get? With so little difference in wattage, forget power. Look instead at construction, length of warranty (and in particular what one will have to do to get coverage), tools and accessories, availability of "add-ons", ease of use (including footprint because of the issue with counter sp (MORE)

Advantages of owning an electric mixers?

Electric mixers are great because they can save you time whentrying to mix up thing like batter for desserts. They are alsogreat for getting a uniform consistency in whatever you are mixing.

How much electrical service is needed for 26981 watts?

I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if you're asking this I'm not sure how you got the 26,981 watt figure, or if that figure is accurate. If it was accurate, you should know the answer to your question. Having said that, I'd advise you to read the National Electrical Code, article 22 (MORE)

How many watts does a 10 watt electric blanket use in 15 minutes?

A watt is not typically used as a unit of measurement here. You may be asking for the number of watt-hours. Power is billed in kilowatt-hours (KWH). A 10 watt electric blanket use 10 watt-hours per hour, so that would be 2.5 watt-hours in 15 minutes. Divide 2.5 watt-hours by 1000 to get KWH. Take (MORE)

How does a hand mixer work?

A hand mixer works the same way as electric mixers. Hand mixers usually have two large beaters just like electric mixers have. The only difference is that hand mixers work without electricity and you can actually hold the mixer by hand unlike in electric mixers. Hand mixers are usually more lighter (MORE)

How much electric watts does a DVD player use?

It depends on the player but probably 10 to 50 watts. On the back or bottom of your player should be something that says what it's power requirements are. Find the voltage (probably 120v or 240v) and the amperage (like maybe 0.25a or so). Multiply these values together and you'll have watts. This (MORE)

How much electricity does a 40 watt light bulb use?

watts divided by voltage = amps 40watts divided by 230 voltage (uk) =0.17 amps I suspect you are really asking what electricity will you have to pay for. Energy companies charge for Kilowatt hours (1 KWH = 1000 watts running for 1 hour). So a 40 W bulb running for 25 hours consumes 40 x 25 = 1000W (MORE)

How much electricity does a 200 watt amplifier use?

The 200 watts on an amplifer would refer to output if it were turned up all the way. This does not tell you how much electricity the amplifier would use. There is some power lost from heat, but we don't know just how much, from the information above.

How much electricity does a 1000 watt hps light use?

Ok so if you guys thought about it it should be easy to calculateit's simple math. If your trying to find out how many Kw/h your going to use. First figure out how many watts your running. 1000W = 1Kw so divide total number of Watts by 1000 So for a 600W light 600W/1000= 0.6Kw/H So if you use yo (MORE)

How much work is done using a 500-watt microwave oven for 5 minutes?

Well, it's an easy enough math problem, so I'm just going to tell you *how* to do it. 1 Watt = 1 Joule/second 5 minutes = 5*60 seconds Multiply so that the seconds cancel each other out. This is simpler to just do with dimensional analysis than to try to evaluate it in separate steps.

How much energy does a 150 watt light bulb use each minute?

The definition of a Watt is 1 Joule/second. Therefore: 150W * 60 Sec = 9000 Joules / minute. In units more applicable home energy use, 9000 Joules/minute equals .0025 Kilowatt Hours (KWh)/minute. On a cost basis, if for example, electricity from a power company costs $.20 per KWh, the 150W light (MORE)

How much electricity can a 20 watt solar panel provide?

A 20 watt solar panel produces 20 watts of power/hour when it is in direct sunlight. However, this varies depending on the conditions. It won't produce at 100% in cloudy conditions. Let's say the 20 watt panel gets about 5 hours of good sunlight everyday between 10am and 3pm. This will produce .1 kW (MORE)

How much does it cost to run a 500 watt bulb?

Electricity is usually charged by the Killowatt Hour. 500 watt bulb is .5 KW. Look on your electric bill for the charge per KWh and multiplu by .5 An average cost in 12 cents per KWh so the cost is about 6 cents per hour.

How much of a unit of electricity is consumed by a 100 watt bulb?

The question is asking how much energy is consumed by a 100 watt bulb because, in some countries a " unit of electricity" is equivalent to a kilowatt . hour (kW . h). The term, 'unit', is derived from the name, 'Board of Trade Unit'; the Board of Trade was at one time the British Government body th (MORE)

How much work can be done by an electric motor that is plugged into a wall of 120V if 0.75 amps of current flow through it for 2 minutes?

120 V x 0.75 A = 90 watts 2 minutes = 120 seconds 90 watts for 2 minutes = (90) x (120) = 10,800 watt-seconds = 10,800 joules The motor consumes 10,800 joules of electrical energy during that 2 minutes. If the motor is perfectly (100%) efficient, then that's the amount of work you can g (MORE)

How much electricity does a 1000 watt light use a month?

You are billed based on kilowatt-hours. Your light is 1 KW. If you had on continually for the month that would be about 30 days x 24 hrs = 270 KWh. An average cost per KWh is about 12 cents so your cost would be about $86.40 for continuous use per month.

How much electricity is in a hundred watt light bulb?

"Electricity" is a word that can not be quantifed so you can't askhow much there is. But it is possible to measure electric current(amps), voltage (volts) and power (watts) and even also electricalenergy (watt-seconds or kilowatt-hours). A hundred-watt bulb uses100 watts of electric power and if shi (MORE)

How much electricity is in 100 watts?

Watts is a measure of power. Watts is defined as volts x amps x power factor. The maximum value of power factor is 1 for a resistive load and decreases with various inductive loads. Now electricity doesn't relate directly to wattage other than knowing how many amps are required for a given voltage. (MORE)

How much power will mixer cosumes for 10 minutes?

That depends upon the mixer and the speed. For example, a 600 watt mixer run at full speed for one hour will consume 0.6 kW-hours in one hour. It would consume 0.1 kW-hours in 10 minutes. A 300 watt mixer run at full speed would use half that much, or 0.05 kW-hours in 10 minutes. Running the 300 wat (MORE)

What is the uses of an electric mixer?

To make your life a hell of a lot easier when baking. Mixing and kneeding doughs, creaming butter and sugar, whisking eggs just to name a few helpful uses.

How much work does a 75 watt bulb do?

In the sense of 'work' as force moving through a distance, a light bulb does none of that. But in the sense that mechanical work is equivalent to energy in other realms, the 75-watt light bulb consumes 75 joules of electrical energy every second, and radiates 75 joules per second of energy (MORE)

How much does it cost to use an electric heater at 1500 watts?

To answer this question you need two more values to add to the equation. The time the heater is operated and the cost of a kWh in the area where you live. The formula is 1500 x time unit is on x cost of kWh in your area = cost of operation of the heater.

How much is 17820 divided by 2.50?

17820/2.50 = 7920. You seem to be unaware of the fact that you could have obtained the answer much more easily and quickly by using the calculator that comes as part of your computer.