Is Italian parsley native to Italy?

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What do Italians wear in Italy?

Italians are very stylish they are obsessed with fashion and accessories. Name brands and designer clothing are extremely important, and everyday clothing (unfortunately) is overlooked. they also wear cloths like you and me.

What do Italians call northern Italy and what do they call southern Italy?

Boundary between noth and south . I think northern Itaky extends to just beyond Rome -- further south is southern Italy.. Central Italy . Italy in everyday life if divided into 3 areas:. Northern Italy (Bologna and up) regions included (main city): Valle d'Aosta (Aosta), Piemonte/Piedmont ( (MORE)

What do Italians in Italy eat for breakfast?

The classic modern Italian breakfast is a cup of perfectly prepared cappuccino coffee with a 'cornetto' or croissant style bread sweet. This is normally eaten standing in a bar and chatting with friends. In Italian households there is an increasing consumption of international cereals such has (MORE)

What do Italians in Italy eat for lunch?

In Italy Lunch or Pranzo is a big deal. When I lived there you never planned on trying to accomplish anything from 12pm to 3pm other then eat or siesta. Lunch is a time for Italians to break the day. You eat a 1-2 hour meal that will include pasta, a meat or fish and usually a couple of glasses o (MORE)

What are popular native foods of Italy?

Olives ( many varieties). Figs Tomatoes(Calabria for sundried), (San Marzano for canned) Trebbiano Grapes for Balsamic vinegar and wine( also many other grape varieties). The famous lemons Of Sorrento The famous Gargano lemons of Apulia. Porcini Mushrooms Portobello Mushrooms White P (MORE)

How does Italian culture affect Italy?

Italian culture keeps Italy alive and unique. It keeps the placeauthentic and in touch with its roots, passing culture rules andhabits from one generation to another.Ê

When was Italian brought to Italy?

Italian emerged as a written language in Italy in the 14th century, about the time that epic poet Dante Alighieri wrote "the divine comedy"

What is the native flora and fauna in Italy?

The cold northern mountains will harbor plants like the beech, fir, pine,ash, yew, maple, with the alpine flowers like the Trumpet Gentian, Glacial Buttercup , Spring Pasque Flower, Alpine Crocus, Alpine Pansy. The animals which live among these are among some of the most spectacular of the flor (MORE)

Italys native animal?

On the island of Gigli in Tuscany there are wild goats called mufloni.There are also rare frogs called Discoglossus Sardo . Among the birds found on the island are the Pellegrino hawk, the Imperial crow, the Royal seagull, the Corsican seagull and cormorants. There are mnay more these are just exam (MORE)

What are some animals native to Italy?

Some are: A breed of wild goat called the Mufloni, and the wolf If you google 'What are some animals native to Italy' there are many great websites that can help you further!! I hope this helped!!

What kind of flowers are native to Italy?

National Flower of Italy The love for values, beliefs and customs of the Italians is easily seen in the symbolic flowers of Italy. The flower emblems of the country have been alienated in to three categories-The traditional symbolic flower for Italy is Rose while, White Poppy or White Lily serv (MORE)

What is the Italian translation of the English phrase 'native to Italy'?

Originaria d'Italia in the feminine and originario d'Italia in the masculine are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "native to Italy". . Specifically, the feminine adjective originaria and the masculine originario mean "indigenous/native/orignating from/of/to". The preposition di * l (MORE)

What does parsley do?

If you want to season the food you put parsley in it or it can be used as a finishing touch for a meal on top to make it look better.

What is a parsley?

In simple words its a herb. Parsley ( Petroselinum crispum ) is in the same family ( Apiaceae ) as parsnip, celery, dill, and carrots. The word "parsley" comes from the Latin petros selinon, meaning "rock celery."

Is flat leaf parsley the same as Italian parsley?

"Curly parsley has a pleasant grassy flavor and decorative ruffled leaves that make it the perfect garnish. When a stronger flavor is desired, recipes usually call for flat-leaf or Italian parsley (they're the same) , which features broad, serrated leaves." See the related link below The cu (MORE)

What is 'I'm going to Italy' in Italian?

Vado in Italia is an Italian equivalent of 'I'm going to Italy'. The verb 'vado' means '[I] am going, do go, go'. The preposition 'in' means 'in, to'. The feminine noun 'Italia' means 'Italy'. All together, they're pronounced 'VAH-doh ee-nee-TAH-lyah'.

What are some plants native to Italy?

A few of the plant species that grow exclusively in Italy are thefollowing: . Sicilian Fir Abiesnebrodensis . Italian Bellflower Campanula isophylla . Iris marsica . A false oat Trisetum bertolonii . A lungwort Pulmonaria vallarsae . Moltkia suffruticosa Some of these, such as the (MORE)

How do you say i am in Italy in Italian?

'Io sono in Italia' is an Italian equivalent of 'I am in Italy'. Italian language speakers often may choose not to use subject pronouns, such as 'io' ['I'], other than for clarification or emphasis. Oftentimes, the subject is clear from the verb form. In this case, the subject pronoun is needed, be (MORE)

Are chervil and Italian parsley the same thing?

No , chervil [ Anthriscus cerefolium ] and Italian parsley aren't the same thing. Chervil isn't a parsley, but a parsley relative. Italian parsley [ Petroselinum neapolitanum ] is the flat leaf variety, as opposed to the curly leaf [ Petroselinum crispum ].

Is Italian spoken in Rome Italy?

yes Romans speak Italian, native Romans usually will speak with a Roman accent, the same is true for other Italian cities or regions. Just as Folks in the southern US, New England , west coast or other regions have accents or expressions .

What is 'Italy and Italian' when translated from English to Italian?

L'Italia e l'italiana in the feminine and L'Italia e l'italiano in the masculine are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "Italy and Italian." Context makes clear whether the phrase references a female Italian (case 1), a male Italian (example 2), or the Italian language (instance 3). The re (MORE)

What is the Italian translation of 'Where in Italy are you from'?

Di dove sei in Italia? is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Where in Italy are you from?" Specifically, the preposition di means "from, of." The adverb dove means "where." The verb sei means "(informal singular you) are." The preposition in means "in." The feminine noun Italia (MORE)

What is the Italian translation of 'To dream of Italy'?

Sognare d'Italia is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "to dream of Italy." Specifically, the infinitive sognare means "to dream." The preposition di * means "of." The feminine noun Italia means "Italy." The pronunciation is "soh-NYAH-reh dee-TAH-lyah." *The vowel i drops b (MORE)

What is the Italian translation of 'south Italy'?

Sud Italia is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "south Italy." Specifically, the invariable adjective sud means "south." The feminine noun Italia means "Italy." The pronunciation is "SOO-dee-TAH-lyah."

What is the Italian translation of 'Welcome to beautiful Italy'?

Benvenuto alla bella Italia is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Welcome to beautiful Italy." Specifically, the masculine adjective benvenuto means "welcome." The word alla combines the preposition a with the feminine definite article la to mean "to the." The feminine adjective (MORE)

Why do Italy people speak Italian?

because it is ther language they speak like u 4 example u speak English its what u speak and french, Japanese, Scandinavian its ther languages!

Is Italian parsley safe for bunnies to eat?

Yes, my bunnies love it. It is better if you grow it yourself but it is fine if you buy it from the store.. Just be sure to wash it before you give it to your bunny if you buy it from the store. They also LOVE fresh basil and standard parsley.

Where we will get parsley?

Parsley is a small, fine, green leafy herb that is regularly available in the produce section of grocery stores and supermarkets. It's frequently displayed next to a similar looking herb, cilantro (leaf coriander). Parsley is also marketed in a dried form in plastic containers that range in size fro (MORE)

How did the Italian renaissance change italy?

it gave all of Italy more culture,difrent from the medieval times,because in the medieval times there was barley any art and every thing you would of been if you were their,you would be what your father,if your father was a peasant a peasant now you are what you can do,and the art is so much more de (MORE)

What did the Italians take with them when they left Italy?

Language, memories, and possessions are what Italians took with them when they left Italy. The first two constituted the major part of Italian cultural and physical luggage since the material components depended upon the politico- or socio-economic reasons prompting the emigration.

What is the Italian translation of the English phrase 'fresh parsley leaves'?

Foglie di prezzemolo fresche is an Italian equivalent ofthe English phrase "fresh parsley leaves." Specifically, the feminine noun foglie is "leaves." Thepreposition di means "of." The masculine noun prezzemolo means "parsley" ( Petroselinumcrispum ). The feminine adjective fresche translat (MORE)