Is grass-finished beef healthier than grain-finished beef?

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According to this website, the taste test of grain-fed beef versus grass-fed beef leaned in favor of the fully foraging cows.
"In the past we believed that beef needed at least 45 days of grain feeding to achieve proper marbling. Most cattle are routinely fed between 100-200 days in a dry lot environment with no access to the natural forage diet. In 1996 we participated in a taste test at the University of Missouri's Forage Systems Research Centre near Linneus, Missouri. There were five selections: 1) Beef finished on 100% confinement full grain diet, 2) Beef finished on a 75% grain, 25% forage diet, 3) Beef finished on a 50% grain, 50% forage diet, 4) Beef finished on a 25% grain, 75% forage diet, and 5) Beef finished on a 100% forage diet."
Grain-fed beef would contain less nutrients, since the grain must be processed, therefore taking portions of the energy out of it. However, since the cows are directly eating the grass, the nutrients would all be preserved and given directly to the cow.
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