Is mint a fruit?

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yes it is a fruit
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Which gum last longer juiciy fruit or double mint gum?

Question: . Which gum last longer? Answer: . The gum flavor that last the longest for me is Doublemint. It tastes really good. One time I feel asleep with a piece of

What is minting?

Answer . It's the process of manufacturing coins. See for example

What is a mint?

1. A mint could be any kind of mint flavoured sweets (candy in U.S.) 2. A Mint is also the name for the factory that makes coins and medals.

Why does mint Mentos work better with Diet Coke than fruit Mentos?

The bubbling action that occurs from dropping a mentos into a diet coke occurs because the high quantities of carbon dioxide held within the soda react with the candy. The

What does mint have in it?

Mentha, which is the Greek term for Mint, has between 13 and 18varieties depending on which source you are reading. The plant isaromatic. What is in mint is a fragrant oil ca

Is a mint fruit?

Mint is a plain, old green plant with leaves. If you squish the leaves with your fingers, you get a delightful strong odor of mint.