Is organic chicken worth the price?

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This depends on your perceptions of what is valuable. Organic chicken may be worth the extra cash, because...
  • The meat contains no added growth hormones.
  • The chicken was not fed genetically engineered foods.
  • The chicken was not fed antibiotics.
  • The meat was not sprayed with chlorine or ammonia.

Keep in mind though, that organic chicken may not be raised very differently than conventional birds. They can still be fed poultry and cattle by-products, kept in dark warehouses, and abused. It is always best to know your farmer.
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What is that organ in the chicken thigh?

You may be asking about the artery often found in chicken thighs. If it is hollow like a straw and soft then it is most likely an artery from the heart. If it is solid and long, it could be a tendon which is part of the muscular system. Both of these things are found in chicken thighs.

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What are benefits of organic chicken?

That all stages in theirproduction - from birth to slaughter, processing andmarketing -- are defined and monitored arebenefits of organic chicken. Specifically, organically-raisedchickens feed on non-genetically modified foods. They therefore getfeed which contains special-formula cereal and v (MORE)

Is chicken eggs organic?

Most eggs you buy from farmers are. Unless the eggs are marked certified organic when you buy them from the grocery store they are not. The hens may have been given medications to keep them disease free.

What is the price of a chicken?

The price of chicken varies from different continents to different cities to even different stores for example you may go to a shoppers 1 mile away from giant and the Price could be completely different!

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What makes a broiler chicken organic?

\nA chicken becomes organic when it ia raised on food and water that contains no chemicals of any kind. They are usually raised on farms that their feed is also raised on and they are not massed produced.

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Is chicken organic?

It depends on the kind of chicken you buy. Most labels will say "organic" or it will say USDA organic on it. Most chickens that you buy at the grocery store have been fed hormones to make them larger before the are butchered.

Is organic food worth the price?

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What is the price of a pet chicken?

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What is organic chicken?

a chicken that has not had shot or messed up genetics in order to make it grow faster, or have more meat on it. it a lot healthier for you yet expensive, if you want to eat organic chicken the easiest thing to do is grow it yourself

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What is the organ that the baby chicken develops in?

It is called an egg. The egg is developed in a chicken via the Oviduct but only stays there for about 24 hours, the balance of the development is done outside the hens body after the egg is laid by the hen.

Have chicken prices risen?

in 1996 wholesale prices for broilers climbed to about 60 cents per pound, while broiler parts held at roughly $1.92 per pound

Why are organic chicken brown?

They are not only brown. Organic is an often misused word. Certified organic eggs can come in many colors like white, brown or even green. Organic when used in the farm/food industry means foods are farmed in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way, focusing on soil regenerat (MORE)

What type of chicken is organic?

an organic chicken is simply put, just a chicken that has not been given any medication or medicated feed, just natural feed like corn or wheat, as well as often let free range on incests and grass.

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What are the disadvantages of organic chickens?

The term "organic", as used in reference to meat and poultry products within the United States, is a description of the raising and processing method. Some of the disadvantages of organic poultry production are more losses during growth to disease (both through death of the chicken as well as slower (MORE)

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Which chicken franchises use organic chickens?

Popeyes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway and McDonalds should use free ranged organic chicken. However, be aware that the standards that determine a chicken to be free ranged is a fine line.

1 kg chicken price?

It depends on where you purchase it, when, and type of chicken, but we can provide averages. As of August 2014: The average price of chicken (fresh, whole, bone in) in the U.S. is $1.51 per pound, which is $3.32 per kg. The average price of chicken (fresh, whole, bone in) in Europe is .82 Eu (MORE)

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