Is the fruit quince in Ireland?

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What is a quince?

\n. \nThe Quince (pronounced /kwɪns/), or Cydonia oblonga, is the sole member of the genus Cydonia and native to warm-temperate southwest Asia in the Caucasus region. It i

What are quinces?

i) It is a Mexican tradition where girls turn 15 and have a celebration. Mine is in 5 years! ii) The quince is a fruit tree, frequently to be found in an English Victorian

What is the national fruit of ireland?

There does not appear to be a national fruit of Ireland. Manyfruits are enjoyed by the Irish people but most types of fruit areimported, such as melon, oranges and pears.

How do you cook a quince?

bake it stew it make it jam or tea. Follow the link to get recipes. This really doesn't involve cooking, but my husband is from Mexico and he chills, peels, then slices them

What fruit or vegetables grow in Ireland?

Irish agriculture is primarily a grass-based industry (i.e. silage, hay, and pasture). However, if the question is not based on industry and more on what can be grown in Ir

What fruits grow in Ireland?

A wide variety of delicious fruits are grown in Ireland ranging from apples, strawberries and blackberries to gooseberries, loganberries and raspberries

How do you want your quinces to be?

my theme is going to be peace signs & the color will b baby blue.My dress will be Baby blue to with a lil bit of white.And I'm thinking abou dying my hair some color like high
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What is quince best for fruit?

Quince belong to the same family group as apples and pears. In fact it is very similar to a pear in shape only much larger. They have a lumpy yellow skin and hard bitter flesh