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One alternative is nut loaf.

It all depends on your reason for wanting an alternative.

If it is to replace tofu cubes in miso soup or fried because you are allergic to soy, a mixed ingredient including coagulated egg whites can do the trick.

If you need an alternative for the protein and nutrient content of tofu, not for its texture, beans have a similar nutritional value, high in calcium and magnesium too. They also are from a different genus than soybean, so any allergy to soybean should not affect other beans.
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Is tofu a fungus?

No, tofu is not a fungus, it is curdled soybean milk, no fungus is involved in the curdling process.

What is tofu made from?

Tofu is made from soy milk, boiled and curdled with a coagulant such as seawater or a seawater extract, and pressed into blocks, or sold unpressed for silken (soft) tofu. I think it's soy beans.

How is tofu made?

Tofu is made by soaking, crushing, and cooking soybeans in soy milk. Then a coagulant, usually calcium sulfate or calcium chloride and glucono delta-lactone (called nigari in Japanese) is added. The soy milk then coagulates into a large block--It is called curd and is processed/used like cheese. I (MORE)

How do you cook tofu?

You can steam it but for maximum flavor, marinate it in a sauce before baking or stir-frying it. Always drain it first and squeeze as much excess water as you can from it by pressing it with a heavy pan. You can freeze drained tofu overnight and then thaw before use to change the texture (more den (MORE)

What microbe is in tofu?

There is no microorganism involved in the making of tofu. It is soy milk curdled with basically what amounts to seawater. Other coagulants such as enzymes have been tested recently, but they are not traditionally used in tofu making, and enzymes are biological molecules but non-living organisms (MORE)

How is tofu soaked?

Tofu is not soaked, the water that is present in the tofu container is basically the water present in the soy milk, and usually some sea salt water. The tofu is the curdled soy milk, the water is the whey.

How do you make tofu?

Here we explain how to make tofu at home. Tofu is made by coagulating soymilk with salts such as calcium sulphate or magnesium chloride. In Japan they use nigari, which is basically magnesium chloride with other trace elements. We prefer to make tofu with calcium sulphate because it is the cheapest (MORE)

Why don't we like tofu?

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Can tofu be used to make soup?

Yes, I have used tofu in soups before. I have only used extra-firm or high-fiber, as it holds its shape best. I just cubed it up and added it to the simmering soup to heat it through. I suppose you could also blend it into a pureed vegetable soup as well for added protein as it really doesn't add mu (MORE)

What can you do with tofu?

If you are allergic to dairy products, but you want to make a cake that needs milk, you can use tofu instead and it tastes just as good! (my friend does this)

What is in tofu?

Tofu is made of soy milk curdled with a coagulant such as seawater extract. It is then cut into blocks and pressed under a weight to get firm or extra firm tofu, except for soft tofu which is not pressed.

Do you like tofu?

Tofu tastes different for everyone. You can like it right away.. or.. hate it right away. However, in some cases, it is that the taste of tofu is acquired... like tea, coffee or dark chocolate.. . Tofu can be made into TONS of different things! so if you dont like it one way you try it, make it som (MORE)

Is tofu bad for you?

SOme say that Tofu can disrupt your hormone system. In a good amount however, it is evident that Tofu is an excellent source of lean protien.

Is tofu nice?

I've been a vegetarian for about 10 years, and I've no trouble eating it. It's kind of tasteless, which doesn't sound appealing, but it means that it will take on the taste of whatever you cook it with. Cooking with tofu, for me anyway, usually involves using sauces,which isn't something I would do (MORE)

Is tofu healthy?

Tofu is soybean curd and is an excellent source of protein. It is known as a complete protein too. Organic tofu contains no harmful pesticides or herbicides. It contains no cholesterol. However, one nutritionist that I have read advises that the phytoestrogens in soy may be a problem. This same nutr (MORE)

Can you freeze tofu?

Yes, that's the best way to have it. when your done with what you need for now, put it in a freezable bowl and freeze it. when you take it out, defrost it and then warm it up and eat it.

What is chilled tofu?

chilled tofu is... tofu is like a white square made of something its just when regular tofu is cold.

What are the benefits of tofu?

It's a great source of protein, and other nutrients. . Complete source of protein with all the eight essential amino acids. . Low in calories but the more it is pressed to be made firmer, the more nutrient and calorie dense it becomes. . Low in sodium . . No animal fats or cholestero (MORE)

Is tofu a plant?

Tofu iteslf is not from a plant, rather it is made by coagulated soy milk that is pressed into soft, white colored blocks. Usually flavor is added to tofu since it does not have a distinct natural flavor.

Where does tofu originate from?

Tofu is a food of Chinese origin, made by coagulating soy milk(which is derived from soy beans), and then pressing the resultingcurds into blocks. It's an excellent source of protein, which iswhy many vegetarians eat tofu instead of meat.

What is uncurdled tofu?

Uncurdled tofu, or soft or silken tofu, is usually made using seawater as a softer coagulant, directly in the container or plastic bag used for selling it. It is still curdled, but to a much lesser extent than other traditional tofu. This tofu is not drained and therefore retains all its water, (MORE)

Is tofu vegan?

Tofu in itself is vegan. Depending on preparation methods, such as the use of butter or certain batters for frying, it may or may not be vegan once prepared. Generally, though, tofu is prepared vegan in restaurants.

How do you fry tofu?

Put some oil in a pan and cook! You can also deep fry tofu. It tastes better if you marinate it in a tasty sauce first.

How do you eat tofu?

There are many ways to prepare and eat tofu, on its own it has very little flavor so usually flavoring is added in the form of a sauce.

Is tofu good?

It's a matter of opinion. Personally, I find firm tofu bland no matter how it is cooked or how flavorful the broth. As a mostly coagulated protein similar to egg white, it does not absorb any flavor. I think it is no match for soy fermented products or textured soy protein chunks. I much pref (MORE)

What can you make with tofu?

There are a lot of things you can make with tofu. Traditionally, it was cut up in bite sized pieces and stir fried in a tasty sauce with vegetables. There are whole cookbooks dedicated to cooking tofu. You can make burgers, barbeque, smoothies, "cheesecake"--the list goes on.

Is tofu watery?

Tofu itself is not 'watery' as in 'running liquid', but it contains a large quantity of water, even when pressed as firm or extra firm tofu to expel some of the water content. This water is part of the water introduced during the soy milk making process. A minor portion of the water comes from (MORE)

Does tofu melt?

Assume that 'melt' here is in the same sense that cheese melt,no, Tofu does not melt. This is because cheese contain casein whichcause the soft, stringly sticky character of melted cheese and Tofudoes not. . This may also be because of the heat damage caused in the tofumaking process. Cheese made f (MORE)

Is tofu fattening?

No it is not, it is healthy. Apparently, it is also healthy for your ovaries.

Is tofu gluten free?

Yes, Tofu is actually gluten free and is one of the many things you can eat on a gluten free diet. The only thing I would check is the seasoning it was put in, if any. Hope this helped!

What is tofu and from where to get it? Grocery stores have it, refrigerated. Some keep it in the produce section, others place it in the health food section. There are two main varieties of tofu common in the U.S. One is the refrigerated version that is cut into blocks after it coagulates and is then (MORE)

Is tofu edible?

Yes, tofu is edible. Tofu is a substitute for meat, in case vegetarians would like something that tastes like meat, without really eating it. Personally, I would prefer a Boca Burger to a tofu burger, but that's just me. Anyway, tofu is edible.

Who is tofu suitable for?

Vegetarians and vegans can both eat tofu because it does not contain any animal products or byproducts. It contains soy milk and bean curd, and goes well with peanut butter (which is NOT suitable for vegans, but can be suitable for vegetarians).

Is tofu kosher for Passover?

Tofu makers don't bother trying to get their products kosher certified for Passover as soy beans are kitniyot so the majority of Ashkenazi Jews wouldn't eat it during Passover.

What is the history of tofu?

Tofu most likely originated in China, in the second century BC. Its spread into other parts of East Asia may have coincided with the spread of Buddhism, because Buddhists are vegetarians.

What are the ingredients in tofu?

ONLY soybean, water and "coagulant". Coagulant is the "thing" that firms the tofu, which turns the soybean liquid to a firm form we called tofu. There are various types of coagulant. (To name it a few: nagiri, lemon, vinegar, and more.)

Is tofu illegal in Canada?

No, you probably can not order it in restaurants, heck it's rare to do that in America. I don't believe Canada illegalized tofu. Nothing wrong with tofu, except I like meat.

What is source of tofu?

Tofu is usually made from soybeans. Other ingredients are sometimes added to give it flavor, since soybeans tend to have a bland taste.

Can cats eat tofu?

Cats are obligate carnivores. That means that they require meat to survive. Cats have zero need for carbohydrates. They are not omnivores like us or like dogs - we can make the nutrients we need out of a variety of foods, but cats cannot do that. Cats also need taurine in their diets or they will go (MORE)

How do you use tofu?

You can use it sauté, fried or even grilled, with or without sauce, but can also add it to a soup, a salad, a burger, raviolis...

Is there milk in tofu?

No. Tofu is bean curd which is made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks. Soy milk is made by soaking soybeans, grinding them with water.

Is there iron in tofu?

Yes, 100g of tofu will provide you with 9% of iron you need in one day. Tofu is even more rich in Calcium(18%) and B vitamins.

Does tofu contain tofu?

Tofu needs to contain tofu to be tofu. So yes, tofu contains tofu. Tofu is made from soybeans.

What is tofu?

Tofu is made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into blocks. Tofu has a subtle flavor and can be used in many dishes. It can be seasoned, marinated, or even sweetened to suit the dish.

How can tofu be purchased?

Tofu can be found in the refrigerator case at most full-servicesupermarkets. It can also be purchased at any Asian food market.

How do you pronounce tofu?

Tofu is pronounced as if it were the two words toe (as in I stubbedmy toe) and foo (that rhymes with boo). Toe-foo