Staple food of tripura?

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people of tripura are non-vegiterian although there is a majority of vaishnav hindus. their food mainly consists of -chicken, fish'meat-(goat),lamb,deer,sheep.

What are the staple food of Indian states?

Indian food is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. It reflects a perfect blend of various cultures and ages . Just like Indian culture, food in India has also been influenced by various civilizations, which have contributed their share in its overall dev (MORE)

What is the staple food of Kerala?

Rice is the staple food of Kerala. Steaming hot rice is served on plantain leaves accompanied by kallan (spiced up curry made of vllarikya and ripe mangoes in butter milk), Olan (white pumpkins, potatoes, and coconut in a wheyey gravy), and erisseri (jackfruit in a thick peppery gravy).

What is the staple food of eastern India?

the staple food of eastern India is curry and rice. you are probably wondering how i know this but it is true because i come from eastern India. my name is shobna. if you want to contact me call 541

What is the staple food of South Africa?

The Staple food of southern Africa is Maize (corn). Although many cultures along the coast of South Africa depend primarily on marine food, the majority of Southern African cultures survive primarily on maize products and foods, the most popular of which seems to be "Pap". Maize also forms a bas (MORE)

Staple food of Brazil?

Depends on the region, but mostly rice and beans, with a meat beef. Pasta is very popular too.

What does staple food mean?

The definition of staple food: staple food is a food that can be stored for use throughout the year or a main food consumed by a large proportion of the country's population.

What is the staple food in England?

Historically, the potato is widely regarded as the stable food in England (even more so in Ireland). Today's Great Britain is of course a modern nation, enjoying a wide variety of food from all over the world, and including stable food items such as rice or noodle in hue quantities.

What is Canada's staple food?

i dont know but what from i see, maple syrup/. if ya doing this on a assiement, so am I and im not canadian. lol im an aussie. but i know alot of canadians

What is the staple food of Punjab?

The Punjab is one of the best food producing areas in the Indo Pakistan area. Staple foods are wheat products such as chapattis, rotis parathas and other forms of bread, rice, beans and lentils.

Why is rice Philippines' staple food?

As with other neighboring Asian countries, rice is Philippines staple food because rice is the main crop that employs 90 percent of the country's farmers. Being a tropical country with wet and dry season made it suitable for rice farming. Wet season (June to November) is the growing season for rice (MORE)

What is the staple food of Thailand?

Its not just rice there is more different foods like hot, salty and sour stuff Their main staple food is rice ... in particular jasmine rice. they have like the highest export of jasmine rice... ya hope it helped :D

What is the staple food in US?

Macaroni and cheese. Oatmeal. Bacon and eggs. Grits. Peanut Butter and Jelly on toast. Potato Soup. Hamburger and french fries. Biscuits and gravy. Beans and Franks. Ham hocks and beans. Chicken noodle soup.

What are the staple foods of North America?

The staple foods of North America are corn and wheat. Additionally, some of the most heavily consumed foods are dairy, chicken, beef, pork, and a variety of vegetables and fruits.

What staple food do babylonians eat?

Normally people ate two meals a day. Except for the rich, most people ate unleavened bread, and drank large amounts of beer (up to one gallon a day). Cow's milk was also drunk, but it quickly turned sour in the hot climate. Because meat was expensive, most people ate cooked vegetable stews. Fish was (MORE)

What are ten staple foods?

In general, staples will be root vegetables, grains, or beans. Exceptions are certain nuts and fruit kernels, staple in native cultures of the Americas. Here are a list of ten well-known staples:. Potato . Wheat . Yucca . Corn/maize . Rice . Acorns . Beans . Oats . Lentil/dal . Chickpea/ga (MORE)

What is the staple food in Germany?

With a population of over 80 million people spread over 137,847 sq miles, and such culture differences between the Baltic region and the alps such a generalization is point less. A link below gives an idea of the variety of foods consumed.

What is the staple food of Kashmir?

Kashmir is famous for its Wazwan, predominantly non-vegetarian. Rice is the staple food. Mutton, chicken and fish are of prime importance cuisines.

What are the staple foods in Greece?

eggplant souvlaki.. Here is a list of a few staple foods from Greece: . Lemons . Eggplant . Olives . Grape leaves . Spinach . Feta cheese . Chickpeas . Bread . Olive Oil

What is the staple food of Ireland?

As a prosperous, developed, modern nation Ireland no longer has a staple food.. The potato used to be a staple, but the population now has a very varied diet..

What is the staple food of Peru?

The staple food of Peru contains three main elements. These arecorn, chilli peppers and potatoes. Rice, meats and wheat wereintroduced by the Spanish.

What is the staple food of the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a counrty of many cultures at the moment so it is hard to say what the staple foods are. Potatoes are used a lot in Dutch cooking and many vegetables but apart from that there aren't any specific ingredients that Dutch people use lots and lots. Asian and other types of foods are b (MORE)

What are the staple foods in Turkey?

Turkey is between both the Asian and European borders so their agriculture and food supply is influenced by many regions. The main staple grain among wheat would be Bulgar cooked in many dishes across Turkey. Other commonly foods are rice, dried vegetable, pickled vegetables, yogurt, cheese and brea (MORE)

What is the staple food in Gujarat?

Gujarati Food . The traditional Gujarati food is primarily vegetarian and has a high nutritional value. The typical Gujarati thali consists of varied kinds of lip smacking dishes. Gujarati cuisine has so much to offer and each dish has an absolutely different cooking style. Some of the dishes are (MORE)

Staple food of haiti?

The staple foods in Haiti are rice and beans. Corn (maize) is also common. The most commonly consumed meats are beef, pork, goat and chicken. Indigenous fruits, such as plaintain, banana, avocado, mango and citrus fruits are also stables.

What does a staple food do?

A staple food is a food that you consume the most, or is the base of everything you cook. For example in both Japan and China you may say that rice is a staple food.

How should you cook staple food?

You cook staple foods in many ways. You can use the stove top,microwave, and special appliances such as a toaster, toaster oven,or slow cooker.

What are the staple foods eaten by Ghanaians? explains you will find common staples there are "cassava and plantain. In the northern parts of the country, their main staples include millet and sorghum. Yam, maize and beans are used across the country as staple foods. Crops such as peanuts and cocoyam are also important in the loca (MORE)

What does staple food crop mean?

Staples crops are crops that are continously in demand. also: a food that can be stored for use throughout the year or a main food consumed by a large proportion of the country's population. .

Staple foods of Greece?

Pizza, Pasta, continental food, salads, soups and meat, beef, pork, lamb and chicken, rice and bread

What is the staple food of Cameroon?

There are several staple foods in Cameroon I think, which are : cassava, yam, rice, plantain, potato, maize, beans, and millet. See related links for more.

What is Zimbabwe's staple food?

The staple food in Zimbabwe and for most of Southern Africa is Maize, also called "Sadza". The grounded maize corns are mostly cooked like a porrige and eaten with meat and/or vegetables

Is dasheen a staple food?

Yes, dasheen (also called 'Taro') is a staple food in many countries, including West Africa, Vietnam, Trinidad, Tobago, Spain, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Japan, Jamaica, Hawaii, China, and Brazil.

What food is staple food?

i think staple food mean is the more popular food like Chinese staple food is rice and they really like to eat rice

What food is a staple of the Peruvian diet?

The purple fingerlings we eat in America are nicknamed "Peruvian potatoes." Since it is my understanding that potatoes were first eaten in Peru, I expect the traditional diet includes many such varieties. But what else do Peruvians eat? I need some new recipes.

Where is tripura?

Tripura is a state in Northeast India, bordered by Bangladesh to the north, south and west, and Assam and Mizoram to the east.

Why is rice called a staple food?

Due to the its caloric, and nutritional benefits to the human population of the world, rice is considered a staple food. Rice can be grown practically on any terrain, and is responsible for supply the human race with more than one fifth of its caloric intake.

What are the staple foods from Italy?

Italy is commonly associated with pasta dishes, though they are usually more like an appetizer than a full meal. They are also known to be the best pizza makers and for making gelato, their version of ice cream.

Is pizza the staple food of Italy?

No, pasta is. The pizza that Americans enjoy is nothing like that is found in Italy. The types I found lacked the tomato sauce, but I know that they use it. Most I encountered were simple "thin" rounds of bread with meat (sausage, ham, pepperoni, or anchovies) and vegetables (onion and bell peppe (MORE)