What are snacks in Venezuela?

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People in Venezuela LOVE Coka-Cola. They think Pepsi is a worthless copy!!! I myself agree!!! And now that I answered this question YOU can turn into a Venezuelan !!!!!! GO GO GO!!!!!
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What are healthy snacks?

Healthy snacks include bananas, apples and whole wheat breads. You can also eat granola bars, such as the delicious AND nutritious oatmeal raisin style.

After workout snack?

You can eat anything and everything that is rich in carbohydrates and protein. Some items include: . eggs . milk . protein powder . apples . bananas . etc...

Where is Venezuela?

Its location is 8° 0' N and 66° 0'W. Venezuela - officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - is a country on the northern coast of South America (next to the Caribbean Sea). It shares borders with Guyana to the east, Brazil to the south and Columbia to the west. Venezuela is in Sout (MORE)

What is a snack?

A snack is a sustaining short amount of food, like a bran muffin, that helps provide energy for your body.

What can I do in Venezuela?

Eat.Sleep.Walk.Tour.Talk........ you can do waaaaaay more than that. I've been there. you can go to the beach. hike a moutain, you can do anything i was born there in tinaquillo estado cojedes and u can do anything u want just dont kill anybody jajaja u can try there food cachapas arepas anything

What do you eat for a snack?

When I want a snack I look in the cupboard and usually there are some of these. Most of these are snacks that I have had and they taste great! Healthy food If your looking for something healthy try: 1.blending some fruit to make a smoothie. 2. Making a home made pizza, with the ingredients in yo (MORE)

What rhymes with snack?

Pack, rack, lack, back, black, smack, slack, tack, knack, whack, jack Crack, bric-a-brac, track, clack, flack, plaque, Mack, stack, quack plat, radpak and more stuff Back Cack Crack Frak Hack Jack Lack Mac Knack Pack Quack Rack Sack Smack Slack Tack Track Wrack Yak

What can you do in Venezuela?

You could go bird watching at Morrocoy National Park and sandboarding at Medanos de Coro National Park. Or you could go scubadiving at Mochima National Park or to the beach at Isla Margarita.And don't forget to see Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in theworld.

What is a healthy snack?

Apples, almonds, walnuts, fiber one, and yogurt are all good. The ones above are great for a healthy snack, how about other fruits like bananas, strawberries, grapes, and other of your favorite fruits. Do you have any favorite veggies? Those are obviously healthy as well. Trail mixes can be good, (MORE)

What is a good snack?

For a diet, a healthy snack could include many different kinds of foods. Some ideas:. ~ A 100 calorie mini bag of lowfat popcorn.. ~ Celery, carrots, bell pepper strips, cucumbers, etc.. ~ Nectarines, oranges, strawberries, etc.. Go for natural foods over processed foods, and be aware of the fat (MORE)

What means snack?

A snack is a small portion of food, as contrasted with a regular meal.. Traditionally snacks were prepared from ingredients commonly available in the home, often leftovers, sandwiches made from cold cuts, nuts, fruit, and the like. The Dagwood sandwich was originally the humorous result of a cart (MORE)

Why are snacks good for you?

snack CAN be good for you but most of the time they are not. try eatin carrots or celery rather then eatin a bag of potatoe chips it can help you lose weight and its just a good snack for you

What is healthy snacking?

For example: get a bag of patato chips and a bag of baby carrots, now which one is the healthier choice? :) if you really don't now look at the calorie count on the back. but honestly I don't think that your that brainless. a couple of healthy snacks just for you! ants on a log. Celery with pea (MORE)

Snacks in French?

le snack = snack food les casse-croute = the snacks l'amuse-gueule = in a restaurant this would be a very small appetizer. It would not be the equivalent of a French entrée , or appetizer, and is usually free.

What rhymes with snacks?

Acts, backs, racks, tax, tracks, slacks, lax, wax, max, packs, lacks, Max, fax, hacks, Jacks, quacks, racks, sacks, yaks, Zack's, attacks,

What is Asian snacks?

There's many different countries in Asia you'd have to be much more specific.. for example in japan typical snacks are 'pocky' 'shaved ice' or 'tsubaki mochi' .. but each country has their own

Are snacks good?

It depends on what type of snacks you eat. If you snack on crisps and choco then no its very bad. But if you snack on carrots and other fruit and vegetables than they are good for you

What rhymes with snacked?

lacked, racked, whacked, backed, hacked, jacked, hijacked, sacked, smacked, and tacked. hope that's enough! :)

Why was Venezuela called Venezuela?

Spanish people named this country Venezuela which means "Little Venice" because Venezuela reminds the Spanish people of Venice because it was by the ocean sea ~Caralina

What is light snacks?

A light snack is a snack that is not heavy on your stomach. Eating a light snack at night is a good idea.

What is an snack that begins with a?

Snacks starting with A: apple almonds apricot avocado antipasto Alpha-bits (right out of the box) American cheese slice Armenian string cheese Angel cake Anise cookies

What is a delicous snack?

I guess it depends on the occasion, but if your just at home stale or regular peeps are a fantastical treat !! Otherwise, chocolate covered strawberries are delicious as well.

What is a hardy snack?

A hearty snack is one that provides more substantial food than a light snack while still not amounting to a full meal. A hearty snack would include some protein along with carbohydrates: half a sandwich, or a piece of fruit with some nuts, or cheese, crackers and fruit.

What is lite snacks?

A lite snack is anything that you can eat which contains only 100 calories. One small apple or a 1/2 of a big one. Fruit juices; one cup. Strawberries; 2 cups. 3/4 cooked oatmeal. Ice cream; 1/3. Bacon; 2 slices. 1 Biscuits "2". Beef, chicken, turkey; 2 oz. 1 med potato. 1/2 cup mashed potato.

Why is snack called snack?

A snack is so called because it is a snack which is suppose to be eaten little for a filling for a hour or two.

What is a mustard snack?

A Mustard Snack is when a person's sphincter is soo loose, they cannot control their bowel movements and crap themselves alot. lol How'd you like that one?! 3:<

What eats snacks?

Songbirds, squirrels, raccoons, ducks, geese, and swans. Songbirds like food that is small, like corn. Squirrels generally prefer nuts or something that has to do with nuts. Raccoons would basically take anything while the bigger birds like the ducks, geese and swans are like the songbirds; they lik (MORE)

Why do you snack a lot?

Because in the middle of the day or night, you have some cravingsand you tend to get hungry especially when you have hard physicalactivities within the day at work or in school.

What do Germans snack on?

Apples, gummy bears, almonds, confections, figs, pretty much the same thing as you, only about 1/5th as much. Generally a snack in the Teutons isn't something that feels you up, that is called breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Why are snacks important?

They keep your metabolism running throughout that day and keep you from binge eating once or twice a day, which usually results in overeating and taking in more calories than you usually would. Eating small meals throughout the day and eating snacks that keep you full (nuts, fruits, vegetables, whol (MORE)

Where can you get jj snacks?

You ask were can i buy jj snacks and i no what your thinking i love them two and i wanted to get some two so i typed in jj snacks.com and the website came up and you can buy a box of thirty for 16.45 dollars pretty cheap for yummy food

What snacks did they have in 1940?

There were, of course, many kinds of commercially made candy in the '40s, and soft drinks had already been invented. The hot dog was invented in 1906. Sweet snacks of the cake and cookie variety were usually made at home.

Are desserts snacks?

A dessert can most definitely be a snack. You could easily have fruit as a snack and fruit can be considered dessert. Also some packaged desserts like caramel corn or a snickers bar is often eaten as a snack.

Is snacks a noun?

Yes, snacks is a plural, common noun; although it can also be a verb (snack, snacks, snacking, snacked).

What is the fastest snack?

Apple if u r asking on the terms of making the snack then maggi and popcorn,or any salad is the fastest snack.

What are bad snacks?

As a general rule of thumb there aren't really any bad snacks as long as you eat them in moderation and do enough exercise. But if you were looking for a compilation of different snacks that would be considered bad if consumed in excess, bad snacks would include: . Crisps (E.g. Space invaders, wal (MORE)

Can vegetables be snacks?

Yes, they can be. You can eat a piece of celery, a carrot, or fresh broccoli as a snack. You might use a small amount of salad dressing as dip.

What is snackes?

Snackes is a cup that holds both a snack and a drink all in onecup. It also makes no mess if it tips over. That is what snackesis.

What is in a healthful snack?

A healthful snack is something not packed with extra sugars. Appleslices or a banana with peanut butter is a good snack.

What is morning snacks?

it is the food for breakfast,.. you have to eat nutritious foodevery morning to have energy for your daily activities

Is snack an adjective?

No. Snack can be a noun or a verb. But the noun is used as a nounadjunct with other nouns, as in snack time, snack tray, or snackfood.

What does a healthy snack do for you?

healthy snacking will improve your future and make you live forlonger, If you do not eat healthy as a kid you will be fat, slowand grumpy as an adult.