What are those vanilla sandwich cookies that are oval shaped?

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What is the oval shape the around the sun?

You mean what is the oval shape around the sun , its probly its outer gas energy you know the onces it lets out that cause solar storms somethimes or just the shine of it or maybe a galaxy that surrounds it partially idk that's just what I think right now . By: V.G.T (initial ^.^ have a great d (MORE)

Can models have an oval face shape?

YES! Tyra Banks has and Oval face, and I know Beyonce', and Halle berry are not models,but the are lovely and they are members of the Oval face Family...

What is a symetrically shaped oval?

Off the top of my head, I would have thought a) aren't all ovalssymmetrically shaped? and b) "oval" isn't really a very preciseterm. The question being in "space travel and exploration" makes mesuspect the word you may be looking for is "ellipse".

Is there a sugar cookie recipe that uses no vanilla?

Just use the standard sugar cookie recipe and omit the vanilla, replace it with an equal amount of water or your favorite flavoring (lemon, orange, maple, banana and such) these can be found next to thte vanilla extract in your grocery store.

What shape is the oval office?

You should have gone for broke and asked the equally difficult question "What color is the White House"? The office is oval shaped, hence the name.

What do you call a shape resembling an oval?

Any shape that is rounded at the edges resembling an oval but may appear slightly or largely asymmetrical would be considered an "Oblong Shape". A good example might be a bowling pin, or the shape of a pear.

Why is the oval office a oval shape?

It's oval because that way the president can hear everything. There are two points in an oval (or ellipse) called the focus point. In a room such as the oval office, when standing at one of these points you can hear everything that is happening in the room because sound is bounced off the walls/ (MORE)

Why is a rugby ball oval in shape?

A rugby ball is oval in shape because it a good shape to throw and catch.. It also makes it more aerodynamic and bounces more interestingly and unpredictably when hitting the floor.

Why is egg oval in shape?

Eggs didnot have the shell when it was inside the body of the hen hence shapeless. To lay it the egg has to pass through an elastic tube having a peristalsis wave which propels it out wards. when it meets the anal sphincter more pressure is required to push it out thereafter as the egg passes out an (MORE)

Why bridges are in oval and arched shapes?

When a vehicle runs on the bridge, the centrifugal force experienced by the vehicle owing to its rotational motion acts outwards and reduces the inward force because of the weight of the vehicle thus reducing pressure exerted on the bridge because of the vehicle. This makes the bridge lasting,

Is an oval a 2 dimensional shape?

No think about the shape of an egg... ***** Yes it is. but an ovalic sphere is not, which is the shape of an egg. Please to note: ovalic is not actually a word. i just use it to describe something ovally . please to note: neither is ovally, but it sounds like a real word.

How do you make vanilla cookies?

ingredients - flour, vanilla extract, 3 eggs, 1 or 2 butter, 12 tsp of sugar and then knead it. Next you roll the dough into a ball then take out a tray (not plastic, maybe metal) cover it with foil put the balls of dough on the foil then bake for 13 mins. The recipe is not vanilla cookies, they are (MORE)

How do you make a oval shape 3d?

\nThere is a 3 d shape called an ellipsoid which is like an oval or an ellipse as it is called, but in 3 dimensions.\n. \nThe equation for this surface is x^2/a^2 + y^2/b^2+z^2/c^2=1 where a, b and c are radii of different types.

How do you make cookies without vanilla extract?

You can use Vanilla Syrup as a subsitution. The vanilla is just for flavouring, you can make any cookie recipie without it. The cookies will taste a little differnet but since they are cookies they will still be good.

Why bourdon tube is oval in shape?

Because it will provides maximum dflection in Only verticaldirection and no any other bending of tube due to pressureoccurs.instead if cross section is circular then along withvertical defletion or bending of tube there is also bending alonghorizaotal direction,which leads to error.so it has ovalsha (MORE)

Why do you NEED Vanilla extract in cookies to bake them?

You don't necessarily NEED vanilla extract in cookies, but it vanilla extract does add flavor to the recipe. I have accidentally left it out of a cookie recipe before, and you can definitely tell the difference. Without the vanilla extract, the cookies taste very bland.

How do you construct an oval shape?

An oval is simply two circles joined at the sides by straight edges. From your x/y comments (moved to discussion) I would assume what you're trying to draw is an ellipse, which the link below describes (it also shows an oval).

Why do Oreo sandwich cookies get moist when left out?

It's because the cookies absorb moisture in the air. The air, even though we can't see it, actually contains water vapour which can be absorbed by the cookies. Because of that, the cookies get moist when they're left out in open air for too long.

Can you make cookies with out vanilla extract?

No you cannot make it without Vanilla Extract Because if you don't then your cookies wont have any flavor and they will taste pale and you don't want that to happen :( But you can buy some at the Nearest Albertson's For more or less then $10.00.

Why egg is oval in shape?

Actually, it is not oval but has a pointy end, a little like a cone. The reason for this is that the eggs will roll in a circle, and not in a straight line. That way the eggs will not fall out of the nest. This is especially important for seagulls that lay their eggs directly on a cliffs edge. T (MORE)

Why is the circle on your monitor oval shaped?

Are you asking "Why is something that should be a circle seen as an oval?" If that's what you're asking, it's probably a resolution issue. Widescreen screens that have the resolution set to that of a non-widescreen would make a circle look like an oval. Vice versa is also true.

How do you measure an oval shape?

An oval has two perpendicular axes, one longer and one shorter. In other words, an oval has a maximum length and a minimum length. You can measure both.

Is a oval shape eukaryote or prokaryote?

It doesnt really matter if its oval or not, if the cell has a nucleus then its a eukaryote if it doesnt then its a prokaryote assuming its a living functunal cell that did not mess up during anaphase and is alive

Can cats eat vanilla wafers cookies?

Cats can eat vanilla wafers. There is nothing that should irritatethe cat but if any ingredient does the cat should vomit on its own.There is nothing to be concerned about.

Why did Keebler discontinue French vanilla cookies?

Because they lack brains! I totally loved those things - total sugar, totally delicious! I had a friend who put them in a cereal bowl and poured milk on them and ate them like cereal! I don't know why they did other than my first statement!

What is the area of an oval shape?

"Oval" is an imprecise term. It could be an ellipse, where theshape has a curved boundary all the way round or it could be like arunning track: two semicircles with straight line segments joiningthem. The formula for the area will be different.

What is the shape of atoms oval?

No. Atoms are three dimensional whereas an oval is a plane figure. Furthermore, atoms do not have a specific shape: they are in the form of an approximately spherical nucleus which is surrounded by a cloud of electrons.