What does a server really do in a restaurant?

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Because serving people is way too obvious. They are secretly private investigators.
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How much do restaurant servers make a year?

Answer . \nRestaurant servers make anywhere from $1000-4500 a month depending on the type of restaurant (Bar-type, fancy restaurant, chain restaurants) They typically earn

What are the restaurant server wages in Utah?

I served in Utah from April 04 to May 06 and I earned $2.13/hour. It may have gone up since then. I served in Utah from April 04 to May 06 and I earned $2.13/hour. It may have

What makes a good restaurant server vs a great server?

Good restaurant servers will do everything in their power to make sure you have a wonderful dining experience because they want to get a great tip from you. Great restaurant

What are the responsibilities of a server in a restaurant?

The server, or also called a waiter, is there primarily to take orders, bring the order, and help the customer if there's a problem. Waiters are also encouraged to be nice and

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