What fruits are closely related to avocados?

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Avocado Relatives There are no common fruits closely related to avocados. There is a fruit called Coyo, but is not particularly pleasant to eat and thus virtually unknown. Cinnamon is in the same family. Also, avocados are not related to pears.
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Is an avocado a fruit?

Yes, an avocado is a fruit. There are two ways you can tell if afruit/vegetable is a vegetable or a fruit. 1) If it has seeds, it'sa fruit. If it doesn't, it's a vegetable. 2)

Is the avocado a fruit?

yes. if a its a fruit the seeds are visible inside the plant. (e.g. peaches are fruits b/c you can see their seeds inside it. and a potato is a vegetable b/c you cant find

Are avocadoes a fruit?

An avocado is a fruit because it contains a seed which is the product sexual reproduction involving pollen transfer from a male flower part (anther) to the female flower part

What is the Tamil name for avocado fruit?

In Tamil, Avocado is vennai pazham. Tamil is the language spoken predominately by Tamilpeople of South India and North-east Sri Lanka. It is also theofficial language of t

Is an avocado a vegetable or a fruit and why?

An avocado is not a vegetable, it is a fruit, but you'd think it was because of its taste and color. Like people mistake tomatoes for vegetables but they are really fruits. On