What is another name for a kiwi fruit?

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Kiwi fruit Another name is the Chinese Gooseberry.

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Who invented the Kiwi fruit?

Nobody invented it .It grew really well in new zealand so then they changed the name from chinse goosberryies to kiwifruit.

Is kiwi a fruit or a bird?

Kiwi is the proper name for the small flightless bird of New Zealand. The fruit's name is kiwifruit , although it would seem that in many northern hemisphere countries, it is shortened to just "kiwi".

What is a kiwi fruit?

Kiwi fruit is a small oval shaped fruit. It has a brown fuzzy skin.The fruit inside has a green moist fruit with a creamy core. Thereis a ring of tiny, crispy black seeds in the green portion. Theseeds are eaten with the fruit. The flavor is sometimes compared toa strawberry and banana blend.

Benefits of kiwi fruit?

Answer . Good source of vitamin C, also contains vitamins A & E. Rich in the protein-dissolving enzyme actinidin. The seed oil also contains 62% alpha-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid.

What is another name for kiwi?

The kiwi is a small, flightless bird of New Zealand, and there areseveral species, some of which are called kiwi (e.g. the brownkiwi). However, other species have other names. The Little Spottedkiwi, for example, is also known as the roroa. Two other specieshave other names, and they are the Rowi, o (MORE)

What country do kiwi fruit come from?

People say that kiwi fruit comes from New Zealand, but its not. Kiwi fruit actually comes from China, and was actually called Chinese goose berry, but china decided to give the kiwifruit to New Zealand, which is now a traditional fruit to us New Zealanders.

Is the kiwi a man made fruit?

no. it grows wild in south west asia. Another Answer : Kiwifruit is actually a berry that originated from China. It got its name kiwi in Australia because of its fuzzy appearance is similar to the kiwi bird.

How many types of Kiwi fruit are there?

one There is only one type of kiwi. The fuzzy kiwi. They are really good to eat you know. Answer I assume you mean, "how many different varieties of Kiwi fruit are there?" There are, in the main, four classes of Kiwifruit in China (from where the fruit originated.) They are: A) 'Zhong Hua' (MORE)

Where did the kiwi fruit come from?

Kiwi fruit originally came from Shaanxi, China where it is known as yáng táo After being introduced to New Zealand were renamed as ChineseGooseberries because people thought they tasted like gooseberries. Because of the Cold War they were renamed as Kiwi Fruit They are cultivated in many c (MORE)

Is a kiwi a fruit or vegetable?

It is a pure New Zealand fruit that is grown in NZ. This is because most fruits- like Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Lemons and things like that- grow on trees while vegetables- like Cabbages, Pumpkin, Carrots, Beetroot and things like that- are all grown on gardens or even paddocks.

Is a kiwi a fruit?

The kiwi is a small, flightless bird of New Zealand. The correct name of the fruit is kiwifruit, but outside of Australia and New Zealand, the name is sometimes shortened to kiwi. A kiwifruit is a fuzzy brown egg-shaped fruit with slightly tart green flesh.

Kiwi is fruit or not?

Kiwi is the bird native to New Zealand that it was named after. Kiwifruit is a vine fruit that originated in China (the Chinese gooseberry), but was carefully grown to be larger, and fleshier in New Zealand, and renamed for promotional reasons. It is commonly called by the abbreviated name of k (MORE)

Do you wash a kiwi fruit?

It would be possible to wash a kiwi, but there would be no need, unless you ate the outer skin also.

Are kiwi fruits sometimes bitter?

Kiwifruit naturally tastes a little sour or may be slightly bitter. But if combined with milk products (milk yogurt, kefir, cream, curd, cottage cheese, etc) a very bitter taste is created in minutes. An enzyme in kiwifruit breaks down the milk protein, transforming the milk into a bitter substance. (MORE)

What are the complete benefits of kiwi fruits?

the complete benefits of kiwi fruit r on the list below. . help prevent wrinkles . the green in it helps better digestion . have a lot of nutrients . acid . helps you to go to the bathroom

Are kiwi fruits named after kiwis?

When the Chinese Gooseberry industry was becoming established in New Zealand the name was changed to kiwifruit possibly because of their likeness colourwise to the native bird.

Can chickens eat kiwi fruit?

no.. lol Actually yes , chickens will eat just about any and all fruit. It will not harm them and they will benefit from the vitamins.

How do you candy kiwi fruit?

you put the kiwi fruit in a blender get the lifting leave it out for 13 hours then put safings of what ever you want in it put in the oven for 15 minutes and then leave it rest about 5 to 7 minutes and EAT IT

Can you eat the skin of a kiwi fruit?

Kiwi fruit "skin" is high in phenolic compounds, such as flavanoids, which have antioxidant properties. Flavanoids, as in kiwi "skin", have potential anticancer, antiinflammatory and antiallergenic properties. BTW - The kiwi is also called "actinidia deliciosa" or "Chinese gooseberry". It�s (MORE)

Granadilla is another name for which fruit?

It's another name for passionfruit, to which family it belongs. It is not a typical passionfruit shape, being round, but it has the distinctive taste and the black seeds. it's native to the slopes of the Andes in South America.

What fruit do kiwi eat?

Kiwis are omnivores, and their specialized long beak aids in them seeking out worms etc. Their nostrils are in the end of the beak. Kiwi prefer invertebrates, but they will eat fruit. The fruit which kiwi eat tend to be berries and the fallen fruits of New Zealand native trees.

How are kiwi fruits produced?

Kiwi fruit grow on a vine, which needs to climb up something for support. After some years the tendrils become thick and strong.

Why was the fruit named kiwi?

The kiwifruit was so named because of its perceived likeness to the small flightless bird, the kiwi. Kiwifruit are small and oval in shape, with brown, furry skin.

How fattening is kiwi fruit?

It's really dependent on how much of it you eat. Kiwi, as all fruits has a fair bit of sugar in it. Sugar means calories, and too many calories - no matter where they're from - can make you gain weight. It's far less fattening than candy and chocolate though.

Is kiwi a seasonal fruit?

Yes, kiwifruit is a seasonal fruit. It needs 240 frost-free days to grow and is harvested in the early part of November.

Are kiwi fruits good for your health?

Kiwi's are really great fruit and really healthy for you. They contain more vit c in relation to their size than an orange! they have a large array of vitamins in them that are proven to aid muscle recovery and performance.

What fruit is a kiwi?

It has a fuzzy green skin and a flavor somewhat like that of strawberry; it is cultivated in Australia.

Is the kiwi an Australian fruit?

No. The kiwi is a New Zealand bird. Kiwifruit did not originate in Australia; nor are they grown in significant commercial quantities there.

Why is kiwi a bird and a name of a fruit?

The bird known as the kiwi is native to New Zealand. Kiwifruit originated in China, under a different name. The fruit was named after the bird because it is round and fuzzy, and was thought to resemble the bird - albeit somewhat vaguely.

Do kiwis lay Kiwi fruit?

No. Kiwi birds lay eggs. Kiwi birds have nothing to do with kiwifruit. A bird cannot produce fruit. Kiwifruit grows on vines.

Does kiwi fruits grow in Philippines?

The kiwifruit or Chinese gooseberry is grown commercially in Italy, New Zealand, Chili, Greece and France. It is native to northern China. Kiwifruit was introduced into the Philippines at Baguio in 1923. It grows there successfully above 3,280 feet (1000 meters).

Kiwi fruit benefits?

The Kiwi fruit is high in fiber and packed with lots of nutrientslike the vitamins.

When is the kiwi fruit ripe?

The kiwi ( Actinidia deliciosa ) is a subtropical fruit also known as the Chinese gooseberry. Kiwis are generally ready for harvest in late October to early November. Softening of the fruit is not a good indicator. The kiwi will continue to ripen after it has been picked. The best way to tell if (MORE)

Why are kiwi fruits fuzzy?

The same reason peaches have fuzz. It makes it less attractive forbugs that land on them; the little hairs annoy some bugs, and keepsthe fruit from drying out by slowing down air movement over thesurface of the fruit holding in moisture. Also, the morning dewcollects on the hair and helps hydrate th (MORE)

Why is foam coming out of my kiwi fruit?

Yes, the kiwi fruit is overripe and is actually fermenting. Background information from asker: "My kiwi fruit just burst open when I applied slight pressure toit. Does this mean it's overripe or something else?"