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What is milk scum?

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Nata? It's called 'the skin' and its made up of solid proteins that combine with the milk's fat molecules, which begin to evaporate as the milk is heated. These proteins, casein and beta, clump together when the liquid reaches a temperature of around 45 to 50 degrees Celsius. As the heating continues, the soft protein layer begins to dry out, which is why the milk forms a skin on the liquid's surface. This layer of skin forms a hard barrier, causing steam to build up beneath it and increase the liquid's temperature. When left alone, this often causes the milk to boil over. Though milk forms a skin when heated in most cases, there are several ways to prevent this skin from forming. If you plan to heat the milk over the stove, frequent stirring will break up the protein and fat molecules, so that the membrane will not develop. If you are heating milk in a microwave, you can place a wax paper lid known as a "cartouche" on top of the container, which will slow the evaporation process and maintain the milk's liquid form. The milk forms a skin only on heated milk that contains fat. If you are heating skim milk, there is no danger of a skin forming on top. Because skim milk contains no fat, the protein molecules have nothing to bond with, and are unable to coagulate. Source(s): milk /hot chocolate /coffee lover
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