What is pka value for sodium bicarbonate?

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There are two answers: bicarbonate has two pKa's - because bicarbonate can gain a proton to become carbonic acid or lose a proton to become carbonate. Two reactions; two pKa's. The pKa for bicarbonate <-> carbonic acid reaction is 6.4 The pKa for bicarbonate <-> carbonate reaction is 10.3 Both pKa's are temperature sensitive.
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What is pH value for sodium bicarbonate?

There is no way to know the pH of sodium bicarbonate unless the concentration of [H+] or [OH-] is known. If the concentration is known, pH can be calculated as the -log[H+], o

What is the pka of sodium chloride?

Pka, (acid-ionization constant) is a measure of strength of an acid in a solution and is the equilibrium constant chemical reaction dissociation in acid based reactions. Sodiu

What is the pka of sodium benzoate?

From this salt the benzoate ion C6H5-COO - is a base ( the other part Na + is neutral). This base has a pK B value of 9.80 ( benzoate ) The pK a cid value of its