What is the ingredients of mushroom cream soup?

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The following list shows the ingredients required to produce 5 litres of cream of cauliflower soup? ingredients 2 litre milk @ 18per litre . 2 litre white stock (e.e) 15 . 0.400 kg margarine @ 30 per kg . 0.250 kg flour @ 6 per kg .0.o5o kg onions @ 13 per kg . 2 medium size cauliflower @ 25 per litre. 1 small bread @ 8 .
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There are many ways to prepare a cream of mushroom soup. The first obvious ingredient is mushrooms and there are many varieties of mushrooms available at various prices from canned mushrooms to gourmet mushrooms such as shiitake, cremini and others. They should all work. You need to chop them up or just use a can of inexpensive mushroom stems and pieces.
As a soup you need a liquid. You can use an already prepared broth (soup), or plain water. Some recipes use melted butter, a wine, heavy cream, milk, etc.
To make a cream soup, you need a thickening agent. You can use a flour or starch (cornstarch, arrowroot, tapioca) or whatever else works. Remember to mix well the starch with room temperature water before adding to hot liquid. Otherwise the starch will not dissolve but will form clumps that are unappetizing and will feel "yuki" in your mouth.
Other common ingredients to add flavor are chopped vegetables, onions, garlic, peppers, salt. If it were canned mushroom soup, there would also be sugar or corn syrup.
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