When did they put the smile on Pepperidge Farm - Goldfish Crackers?

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Goldfish® crackers become "The Snack That Smiles Back®" with the introduction of "Smiley" in 1997. This marks the first-ever alteration to our icon product since it launched in 1962.
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What is the ticker symbol for Pepperidge Farm?

Stock Ticker CPB . The ticker symbol for Campbell Soup Company is CPB and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Campbell's Soup also owns famous brands such as Pepperidge Farms, Prego, Pace Salsa, and V8.

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How much did Goldfish Crackers cost in 1962?

In 1937 Margaret Rudkin started experimenting on ways to produce preservative free foods for her son with an alergy. Pepperidge Farm breads were born. Goldfish crackers, an American favorite were introduced in 1962. Average prices for goldfish crackers in 1962 were 37 cents per 6.6 oz box.

Where can you find Pepperidge Farm Pot Pies?

I believe these were a product of Canada & have been discountinued. I haven't seem them at any local grocery in about a year.. If anyone finds a way of locating some, I'd love to know. I thought they were the best!

Who invented the goldfish cracker?

Margaret Rudkin, founder of Pepperidge Farm, went on vacation to Switzerland in 1962. She brought back with her the recipe for Goldfish and the rights to market them.

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Where does pepperidge farm get their corn?

The corn comes from a variety of suppliers. US farms throughout the Midwest provide the corn. Since Pepperidge Farms does not use organic ingredients, there is a chance that GMO corn is used.

How do you buy a pepperidge farm route?

You can check out the website in the related links below or get in contact with your local Representative who can put you in touch with a district/regional manager

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What grocery store carries pepperidge farm blueberry bread?

I'm in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY and fortunately, two supermarkets not far from me on Juction Blvd.; Food Dimentions and Food Bazaar, carry it. Food Bazaar has it more regularly though. So, if you're in NY, you're in luck! Unfortunately, I've become addicted to this bread. It never lasts more than (MORE)

What is the website for goldfish crackers?

There may or many not be more than one. However, advertising is not permitted in the body of answers. Therefore, I have added an external link, further down this page, listed under Sources and Related Links.

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Can a vegan eat Goldfish Crackers?

well technacaly no cuz it contains cheese and some times milk i suggest tryong original but check ingrediants OR . It depends upon the vegetarian. Vegans don't eat milk or eggs, and if you read the ingredients on your Goldfish crackers, you may find it contains eggs, and I'd bed it conta (MORE)

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What countries are goldfish crackers sold in?

China (Hong Kong) . Taiwan . Cambodia . India . Israel . South Korea . The Philippines . Singapore . Thailand . Vietnam . Canada . Haiti . Jamaica . Trinidad and Tobago . Costa Rica . Mexico . Panama . Austria . Belgium . France . Germany . Ireland . Italy . Switzerland . S (MORE)

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What kind of products does Pepperidge Farm sell?

Pepperidge Farm sells a variety of grocery and food products that are available in grocery stores across North America. Most of these products are types of crackers, such as many flavours of Goldfish.

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