When was galaxy chocolate first made?

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The Galaxy Dove chocolates were introduced in late 1956. During that year, a Greek-American immigrant from the Chicago area named Leo Stefanos was credited for creating such delectable milk chocolate. After 30 years of the chocolate, in 1986, Mars another great chocolate maker acquired Galaxy. Today it manufactures a wide range of milk chocolate specialties such as Truffle, Promises and Duetto. Also, along with that it also produces other enticing variations like Ripple, Minstrels as well as Fruit and Nut.
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Who made the first chocolate bar?

Ganong Brothers For many years after its introduction to European cultures, chocolate was only a drink. In 1830, a British chocolate maker, Joseph Fry & Sons found a way to make a solid form that could be eaten. In 1847, the Fry chocolate factory began making the first chocolate bars. We could say (MORE)

When was chocolate first made?

3100 years ago ------------------------------------------------ also there was a roman general who made a recipe around 100 C.E.

Who first made chocolate?

The natives of Ancient South America were the first to discover and consume chocolate. Some of the those native tribes were the Mayans, the Incas, the Aztecs, and so on.

When was the first chocolate made?

It was made in 1644 in belguim where workers found the choco beans in the trees and thought it would be a good idea to investigate on whether they were edible or not. So they did and found out that if you break them down and mix them with milk they become a product called chocolate!!

Who made the first chocolate?

The first people known to have made chocolate were the ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America. These people, including the Mayas and the Aztecs, mixed ground cacao seeds with various seasonings to make a spicy, frothy drink.

When or where was the first chocolate made?

Chocolate for consumption was discovered more than 3,000 years ago in present-day Mexico and was widely drunk by the Aztects. It remained in use as only a drink until the 19th century, when the process for making solid chocolates was invented in Italy. Mass production came after further inventions b (MORE)

Where was the first chocolate bar made?

Chocolate was first used by the Aztecs and when the Europeans came back to the New World they brought chocolate back with them. At first it was only used as a drink, but in 1830 it was made into candy.

Where was chocolate first made?

chocolate was first discovered by the Aztecs except they did not have chocolate bars only chocolate drinks with no sugar and Hernando Cortes was the first European to try it however he did not like it but brought some back to Europe just in case sugar was added to it and it came the chocolate we kno (MORE)

When was the first chocolate chip cookie made?

Like many great discoveries...and this is one of the greatest, It was a mistake. Ruth Wakefield invented chocolate chip cookies in 1930 at the Toll House inn she and her husband Keneth ran near Whitman, Massachusetts. Like a bed and breakfast she made food for her guests. One evening in 1937 she g (MORE)

What is the galaxy made of?

Everything is made of matter, and all matter is made of atoms. Atoms are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons which are all made of quarks and bozons. It gets smaller but those are as of yet unknown.

Where was the first chocolate made?

The first chocolate was a bitter, somewhat chocolate-tasting drink made from the cocao bean. It was created by the Mayans and Aztecs. it was an expensive liquid, only to be purchased by the very rich citizens and leaders in the society. To make the drink, the bean,when ready is finely grounded into (MORE)

When was chocolate first made and who made chocolate?

The Maya Native Americans of central America are thought to be the first to make chocolate, around the year 300 AD. The Maya's chocolate was a beverage, and it stayed that way for centuries. Chocolate wasn't a solid food until the early 1800's. Later, the Aztec took found the secret of chocolate, bu (MORE)

Is Galaxy chocolate suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, but it contains dairy products so is unsuitable for vegans. The plain chocolate bar is labelled suitable for vegetarians (in the smallest, most difficult to find writing possible) but some of the other types are not labelled as such so I would be wary of them. Allegedly, the bars do have (MORE)

When was chocolate ice cream first made?

Ice cream recipes first appear in 18th century England and America. A recipe for ice cream was published in Mrs. Mary Eales's Receipts in London 1718. Before this, ice-cream was preceded by sorbet, which was already often flavoured. Most likely, people would already be applying the traditional fl (MORE)

Who made the first white chocolate?

Hershy's made the first white chocolate. It was invented by a German scientist named Herman Golvinsky. He showed his work to hershy's and they produced or "made" it.

What was the first chocolate made from?

The first chocolate did not have sugar, vanilla or other added sweeteners in it. Not until Joseph Fry added them. It was all a big secret until someone told their husbandabout their farms for cacao beans in England and then since both the princess and they prince new, soon it spread to France and th (MORE)

Who made the first chocolate piece?

The person that made the first chocolate was are you ready for this..........................................................................Garrett Paxton made the first one and ate it!

Where are galaxies made?

Galaxies were made by God from the beginning of time. Answer: The scientific opinion is that galaxies result from the gravitational attraction of matter into stars and the interactions of the stars to form clusters of swirling stars.. The matter originated in the "Big Bang" that was the beginni (MORE)

Who made the galaxy?

Probably not a "who", in the sense of an entity who guided creation; the basic physics of gravity caused the formation of clumps of matter, which over a billion years or so would have formed galaxies.

When was galaxy chocolate invented?

Galaxy chocolate was first introduced in 1960 in the UnitedKingdom. It is made by Mars, Inc., and in some parts of the worldit is sold under the name Dove.

When was the first chocolate candy made?

In the year 1900 Milton S. Hershey introduces the Milk Chocolate Bar. He also begins the production of Sweethearts. These are vanilla sweet chocolate candy with a heart imprinted on the base. They will be discontinued in 1931.

Where is galaxy chocolate bar made?

It is made in Egypt. ( It might be made somewhere else as well but I'm sure that in Egypt they make galaxy chocolate bars!) by the way, its reeaalllyyyyy good!

When was the first galaxy?

No one knows for sure. The first stars formed about 400 million years after the big bang. These stars would have been enormous, considering the amount of hydrogen available, and their lives would have been short and destructive as they would have exploded as a supernovae, leaving behind black holes (MORE)

Is chocolate made out of chocolate milk?

It is made of milk and coco bean powder mixed together and chocolate milk mixes are coco bean powder with some flour and brown sugar, and you should be smart enough to know that chocolate is not made out of chocolate milk unless you are five.

How was a galaxy made from?

A galaxy is made from matter that was put together after the Big Bang, which was supposed to be caused by all the matter blowing up from a confined space a long time ago.

Can you melt galaxy chocolate?

yes you can melt Galaxy chocolate but it must be done in a secure place with the Police watching. Joking, it just has to be put in a glass bowl over a boiling pot and stirred constantly. :) Have Fun.

Who founded galaxy chocolate?

the founder is Mr. Tejas Henry Sardana a brilliant and adement businessman from USA ( but he was born in India ).

Where was chocolate ice-cream first made?

it was first made in scotland in 1945 the exact date everyone thinks the use made it but no scotland made it home to the lochness monster LOVE Fashionesta#1@ irock.com i am the bomb try to be just like me one day smart sweetheart not the stupid person like u are now

Where is Galaxy chocolate sold?

Galaxy chocolate is sold in most supermarkets and high street newsagents in the UK. It is less widely available in the US but it can still be found. It comes in a range of bar sizes.

From what is chocolate made?

Chocolate is made from the Cocoa Bean. There are a lot ofingredients added to the chocolate you find in your local store,such as cocoa butter, sugar, and milk.