Where can you find Brach's French burnt peanuts in zip code 30542?

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It appears that Brach's may have discontinued production of French Burnt Peanuts. They are not featured on the Brach's web site, nor are they available even from online sources.
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Where can you find coconut bon bons made by brach's?

Good question! I have not seen these since I was about 12 to 14 years old in the mid-1980's. My parents used to buy these at a mall in Connecticut where they were sold at one of those candy vendors in the "mall hallway". They were scooped out of a bin and placed into a white bag. I remember distinct (MORE)

How do you read date code on brach's candy?

I got this info from the Brach's Candy 1-800 customer service line on 10-21-2009. . Look for an ink-stamped, 8-character code on the back of the bag. . e.g., 9181EY8M . The first 4 characters are the ones that matter. . The "9" represents "2009" (2010 will have a "0", 2011 will have a "1", etc.) (MORE)

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Where can you buy french burnt peanuts in Naples FL?

French Burnt Peanuts are a type of candy coated peanuts which very closely resemble the candy called Boston Baked Beans. This candy is available in various stores in Naples, FL including Publix and Dollar General.

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The easiest way to find out your full Zip+4 code is on a piece ofmail sent to you (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, credit cardstatement, junk mail). I'm sure you have received at least one suchitem recently that you can look at.