Where can you get food in the Netherlands?

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At Thuisbezorgd.NL (www.thuisbezorgd.nl) people can order food online at restaurants.
The website also offers payment options and is only available in the Netherlands. There are also sister companies present across other nations in Europe.
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What food do people in the Netherlands eat?

There are not many dishes that jump out at being Dutch. Go to any Dutch supermarket and you will be presented with a host of cuisines from the far east as well as more closer

What is the most famous food in Netherlands?

The most famous food in Holland is cheese, another famous food is 'hagel slag' this is traditionally eaten on toast is similar to 100 and 1000s but only chocolate.

What are Netherlands foods?

Besides a lot of cheese, Dutch people have bitterballs (a deep fried snack with mashed meat inside) frikadel (deep fried meat stick) and drop (liquorish candy)

What is Netherlands most famous food?

Probably Stamppot which is a mixture of mashed potatoes, multiple other vegetables and normally bacon or sliced sausage to add flavour.

What are the national food in Netherlands?

The national symbol food wise in The Netherlands is its cheese, which got its fame for the large amounts of milk produced by the cows. There is a large range of cheese availab

What is the favorite food in the Netherlands?

Today, the Dutch eat largely the same foodstuffs as Americans(although in smaller quantities) and other Europeans. That'sglobalization for you, plus the free trade and availab