Where did the word pickle come from?

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English got the word pickle from Middle Low German pekel, which means "sharp in taste". Words like pike and picket also derive from the same source as pickle. That source, an Indo-European root, is (s)peik- "sharp point". The metaphorical sharpness in pickles is, of course, their vinegary taste. The word entered English in the 14th century. And their Freakin delicious!!! =)
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Where do pickles come from?

Pickles are actually cucumbers that are fermented in vinagar or brine to preserve them. That is where they get their sour taste. It is not known specifically where the picklin

What part of the plant does the pickle come from?

pickles are small cucombers that are picked befor they mature then are soaked in differant types of brine for certain amounts of time then sold in large cities by a pickle mon

Why do sandwiches come with pickles?

It is unknown why sandwiches are served with pickles. Some say that they are a good combination. Others say that they are clueless. It's just a matter of opinion.

Which Shakespeare play does 'in a pickle' come from?

Shakespeare does not use those exact words, but here are some similar uses. Thou shalt be whipp'd with wire, and stew'd in brine, Smarting in lingering pickle. (Antony and

Does pickles come from a pig?

Various foods can be made into pickles. The most common pickles are made from cucumbers. Pig feet are sometimes pickled, as are asparagus and melon rinds.
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Where do pickled pig lips come from?

Pickled pig lips are exactly what they sound like. They are thelips of pigs soaked in a solution called brine. In most cases, thebrine is mostly made from vinegar.

Where did the origin of I'm in a pretty pickle come from?

it came from the 1850's when a counrty girl was in a disaster after losing the ones she loved. she was eating a pickle just then when she was in the diaster. so she said i'm i