Where was the fork invented in?

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The fork was invented in ancient China.
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Who invented the fork?

Answer for Culinary Forks: The earliest example of fork as utensils is from ancient China. Bone forks were found at a burial site of Qijia culture (2400-1900 BC). They were

When was the fork invented?

The fork was invented in the Middle East before the year 1000. In the 11th century it made its way to Italy through the Byzantine empire. Then it became popular there in the 1

Who invented forks?

It's been around too long for a single source to be identified.

When were the first forks invented?

The first forks came from the Middle East prior to the year 1000. from there it made its way through the Byzantine empire then moving on through southern in the 14th century E

When were plastic forks invented?

Plastic forks were invented in the mid-1850's by Alexander Parkes.Parkes was impressed with his invention but because it never tookoff, he soon went bankrupt.

Were forks invented in tuscany?

Though the fork's early history is obscure, the fork as a kitchen and dining utensil is generally believed to have originated in the Roman Empire, or perhaps in Ancient Greece

Who invented the pastry fork?

A couple hundred years ago, there lived a man named Ken Rispp. He traveld many miles to share his beef with many men. He did not invent the pastry fork. lol