Where you can buy the crisps called Wheelz?

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Holland/Spain maybe but not available in UK today. They came in Mexican Spice flavour also Made by Nibbits or Nibitz (Trying a web search finds no crisp company of that name trading today) Probably phased out due to: Lack of demand Consolidation of Crisp/Snack Industry (Most UK crisps seem to be made in East Midlands/Leicester way) Flavourings and Additives no longer met industry guidelines. Apparently you can still get something similar in Spain but not as far as I know in UK.
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Who was crisps attucks?

Crispus Attucks was the first person who lost their life in theBoston Massacre. He is also considered the first person who died inthe American Revolutionary War.

Who invented crisps?

The Invention of Potato 'crisps' or 'chips' is often credited to one George Crum in 1853, a New York cook, though the legend of Georges thinly sliced fried potatoes may of helped popularise the dish it's unlikely that he invented them. In her 1845 (also published in the USofA) book Modern Cooker (MORE)

How do you flavor crisps?

There are various flavouring agent available in the manufacutring factories which can be used to falvour not only the crisps but nearly all sorts of food such as drinks etc.

How are crisps made?

Easiest way to make crisps (potato chips, or Saratoga potatoes) is to slice potatoes very thin (less than 1/32 inch thickness) and deep fry them in some type of frying fat, shortening or vegetable oil. As soon as they crisp up, remove them, and drain them. Salt or flavoring is then added. Mechanized (MORE)

What is a crisp?

A crisp is a very thin slice of potato which has been fried. In the UK, "crisps" are the snack food popularly known as "potato chips" in the US.

How do you keep apple crisp crisp?

there are several important factors in keeping apple crisps, or infact many other crisps, crispy. If making them yourselves ensure the oven is at a high enough temperature, if cooked to slowly or not enough the crisp will -unlike it should- fail to crisp. This is due to the mafipulation process of h (MORE)

Who is Coco Crisp?

Coco Crisp (born November 1, 1979 in Los Angeles, California) is anbaseball centre fielder who, as of 2013, plays for the OaklandAthletics, having previously played for the Cleveland Indians,Boston Red Sox, and Kansas City Royals.

What does crisp mean?

crisp   /krɪsp/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [krisp] Show IPA Pronunciation adjective, -er, -est, verb, noun -adjective 1. (esp. of food) hard but easily breakable; brittle: crisp toast. 2. (esp. of food) firm and fresh; not soft or wilted: a crisp leaf of lettuce. 3. brisk; sharp (MORE)

Where did crisps originate from?

they came from a plant on earth when a man fell in to a pit with an idea of crisps and a plant grew where he died and it became fruitful of potato slices and someone picked them and cooked it and added flavour then sold them world wide!

Are crisp bad?

yes only if u lik the goldfish. Eating a lot of crisps might make you fat, would also give you too much salt. Crisps are also a very expensive way of buying potatoes! But just a few are nice for a treat.

Who made crisps?

During the early 19th century, fried potatoes were a popular menu item. In 1853, a diner at Moon's Lake House in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., ordered fried potatoes with his meal. The diner, (rumored to have been Cornelius Vanderbilt), sent them back to the kitchen with a complaint that they were not cri (MORE)

Are pringels crisps?

no they lost a court appeal in 2008 which said pringels are not crisps they are classed as a potato snack

Why do crisps have packets?

Crisps have packets so that: The product remains fresh, it becomes clear what the product is and also it can so all the nutritional information that is required by law.

What do crisps contain?

salt and vinegar potato granules, potato starch, sunflower oil, salt and vinegar flavouring, salt, potassium chloride, colour

Is there a crisp called chilly and chocolate?

The crisp makers Walkers are having a competition where there are 4 flavours:. Chilli and Chocolate. Cajun Squirrel. Fish and Chips. Builders Breakfast. and chilli and chocolate is in it (as you can see). You can vote for which flavour you want to win

Are crisps a meal?

Potato crisps (in the US they are called potato chips) are a snack rather than a meal.

Where is cookie crisp?

cookie crisp's are cerel in the shape of chocolate chip cookies and a wolf always trys to take them from the kids and the old cookie crisps were a little better because they had more sugar.

Do crisps have starch?

yesssssssssss definatly because crisps are made from potatos and potatos contain starch plus we havetested it with iodine andit turned blue so it does have starch

What is crisps made from?

crisps are made from potatoes and they are industralised so they have been watched and then the flavour like salt and vinger are dashed to make the flavour

What is the meaning of crisp in crisp set?

Crisp sets are the sets that we have used most of our life. In acrisp set, an element is either a member of the set or not. Forexample, a jelly bean belongs in the class of food known as candy.Mashed potatoes do not.

Why do crisps fly?

crisps can fly because they are supercrisp beings from another planet that is magical and have supercrisp powers which consists of - fire,water,earth,air, and of course FLYING. i know this because i have made part crisp and part human flying babies which i call.................................. humi (MORE)

Are crisps fattening?

Yes, crisps are very fattening, they are high in both fat and carbs. Limit your intake to a max of 2 bags per week if you must have them. Stay healthy Michael

Is there carbohydrate in crisps?

Yes, there is carbohydrate in potato crisps. For the carbohydrate count of potato crisps, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions. .

Are Nachos crisps?

Well, some people do class the 'Nacho' as a type of crisps. Actually crisps have many different names, and shapes. The Nachos are squares, and the law has not yet detirminned the correct deffinition for a 'crisp' in fact, are they even called crisps? I have always called the 'Slightly roasted, yet c (MORE)

What are crisps called in Ireland?

Crisps are called crisps in Ireland. However, what Ireland refersto as crisps are called potato chips in the USA. What Ireland callschips are called French fries in the USA. You will only hear theterm fries in fast food restaurants in Ireland.

Why do Americans call crisps chips?

Well it's just an American thing really. like they probably wonder why we say crisps I suppose its just there language because we say lots of things different to them and they have there own phrases

Is crisping an adverb?

It might be, if used in a phrase. Crisping is a verb form or gerund (noun). But it can form a participial phrase such as "The small refrigerator caught fire, crisping the bacon inside."

What does wheelz mean?

Im pretty sure when guys say wheeelz to eachother it means they like a girl or its something stupid like that

What is the secret to crisps?

The secret is to thinly slice the potatos, and dep fat fry them or bake them in a thickish layer of fat. lots of salt and fat make them good.

How do you eat a crisp?

first you have to lick the flavour of but not if it is cheese and onion then you dip it in orange juice then shove it in your mouth with a muddy shovel and suck it until it disintegrates in your sw5outh.

Is crisped an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. Crisped is a past tense verb (and pastparticiple) of the verb "to crisp" that can be used as anadjective. The adjective "crisp" has the adverb form "crisply."

What is a garden plant with large crisp green leaves that are used for salad called?

Several fit that description - lettuce, of course, some varieties of spinach are large-leaved, though spinach is more succulent than crisp. And Swiss Chard, which can produce very large leaves, and is a most useful green in the kitchen. Cabbage has very crisp leaves, but is not thought of so much as (MORE)

Where can you buy PB Crisps?

No where anymore unfortunately. These were taken off the shelves and stopped being produced years ago. (for being too delicious according to krafts reports). Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for you. We all wish they would start producing these things again but the outlook does not look good.

What is the sound of a crisp?

I presume you mean the sound of eating a crisp, which case it is a crackling sound usually with the mouthing of, and hence the sound of, "hhhhhhum", then a muffled crunching sound as the teeth (molars) grind up and break down the crisp with the help of saliva.

Are crisps countable?

yes, but I don't think you can rely on that to know the number of crisps in every packet

What do crisps have in them?

Crisps, (or 'chips' in north America) have the base material, usually thin potato slices and fat that it's cooked in.

Did Romans have crisps?

No. They did not know what potatoes were. Potatoes originate from the Americas and were imported to Europe after the discovery of America in the 16th century.

What is a potato crisp?

A potato crisp is what the British call a potato chip.. A potato crisp is a thin slice of potato deep fried in vegetable oil until golden brown and 'crisp', some have added flavours, plain salt, salt and vinegar, cheese and onion are just three examples. .

Is crisp a starch?

You can find out if a crisp is a starch. By looking at the nutrition facts, you can subtract the amount of fiber from the total grams of carbs per serving. The remaining number is how many grams is a starch. If the amount is greater than 0g, then it is in fact a starch.