Why does bread turn green when left out too long?

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Mold grows on it.
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Who is at fault when Driver A turns right after the signal turns green and Driver B turns left but has a yield on green and hits car A?

Left turn must yield to oncoming traffic . A driver turning left across oncoming traffic lanes must yield to oncoming traffic that is approaching the intersection. The fact that driver A has a green light means he had a right to proceed with due care, without stopping, and could reasonably expect driver B to yield as required by law. There is even a sign to remind driver B of this obligation!\n. \nIncidentally, driver B must ALSO yield to oncoming traffic that continues through a yellow or red light and may not legally proceed with the left turn until it is safe to do so.

What happens when you leave bread to rise for too long?

Answer . \nBread dough will become what is called "blown" dough. It will "blow up". Because of the gas bubbles produced by the yeast, it will keep growing until it has no structural integrity. It won't explode but may rupture and then will start turning into a puddle of goo. It also produces less than desirable looking bread and developes a bitter taste.

How do you keep bread from turning green?

Freezing bread in an airtight container or freezer plastic wrap will keep it good for months (just guard against frostbite); you can also refrigerate bread successfully for 2 weeks or so longer than it would keep at room temperature as the cold will inhibit mold growth. As with freezing, it should be stored in an airtight container or ziploc bag.. When thawing cold bread, you will probably want to take it completely out of the bag it was frozen in, and place it on some paper towels in a fresh bag to soak up any excess moisture (which mold likes to thrive on) from the thawing process until any extra moisture is soaked up, then take the paper towels away and discard them.

When turning left on a green light and there is oncoming traffic do you wait in the intersection or at the stop line?

By law, you should wait at the stop line. In practice, if you knowwhat you are doing, this practice will actually allow you to getthrough the intersection sooner than if you wait in theintersection in most cases due to the fact that accelerationrequires time. In congested urban areas, convention may be to wait in theintersection instead of at the stop line. Deviation from thisconvention may prompt people to honk their horns at you. Followingthis convention may (but probably won't) get you a traffic fine.

Does cheese turn into yogurt if left in the sun too long?

No. Yogurt is a different product, made from culturing fresh milk with bacteria. Cheese is made from milk by coagulating the milk using rennet, cultures and/or enzymes, then separating the curds from the whey. The curds are pressed into the cheese and aged, if desired.

What happens when the choke is left on too long on a motorcycle?

In my Yamaha Manual it says, "Do not use the choke for more then 3 minutes as the exhaust pipe may discolour from excessive heat. Also, longer use of the choke will cause afterburning".. I forgot to turn mine off for a 30 minute ride. I felt really dumb afterwords. My exhaust pip did not dicolour but my engine feels different, it might just be in my head.. RESPONSE. Using the choke on any motorcycle changes the fuel and air mixture. No choke means that you have the "correct" ratio of fuel to air, which will give you the highest fuel efficiency and the least amount of wear and tear on the engine, as well as correct lubrication from the engine oil. Using a full choke means more fuel and less air are getting to the engine, which causes an engine to wear faster. Oil runs thinner and will not lubricate as well. As a result, the motorcycle is less fuel efficient and runs hotter. Leaving a full choke on for three minutes or less is fine to get the engine warm, but once the engine is warm, there should be no need for the choke. If your carburetor is dirty, and you are not usng the choke, the engine may die. But, this is not a good excuse to keep the choke on. You are hurting your engine, and not helping to solve any carburetor problems. In this case, you should have the carburetor cleaned, jetted, and synced. This should solve your "choke" problem. Also, fuel injection motorcycles do not have a choke.

Is sun tea harmful if left out too long?

Sun tea should be brought in, the tea bags removed and refrigerated by the end of the day. If you leave the tea bags in there is a possibility of mold, particularly if you do not refrigerate it.

What will happen if a tourniquet is left on too long?

it causes a hematoma. Yes it does, but it also causes hemoconcentration & hemolysis. If a tourniquet is at high enough pressure and left on long enough,the tissues distal to the tourniquet may develop ischemia andgangrene, resulting in loss of those tissues.

Can the block heater do harm if left plugged in too long?

No, the block heater will only heat as much as the resistance of the element is designed to. There is no harm leaving it plugged in. You should, however, always unplug it before starting a vehicle because the movement of the coolant across the hot element can eventually wash it out and create a break in the circuit which will require replacement of the heater element. Most OEM block heaters also have a thermostat built into the cord itself to make sure it does not overheat. I would not plug in at temperatures above freezing.

When making a left turn on green how many vehicles may wait in the middle of the intersection?

straight ahead Another View: By strict interpretation of the law - NONE. You must wait behind the stop line until it is clear to proceed with your turn. HOWEVER - in actual practice this is not usually enforced unless the stationary vehicle (awaiting to turn) becomes a traffic hazard and/or results in a collision, at which time the driver of the stationary vehicle would most likely be charged.

When turning left at green light do you yield to drivers turning right?

Yes, absolutely. The only exception is if the driver turning right has a yield sign. This is one of the most common mistakes I see in the area I live. Many times, the driver turning right has a yield sign. That would give priority to the driver turning left. However, if the driver turning right has no yield sign, she has the priority. There are so many yield signs in my area that drivers turning left automatically assume they have the right-of-way even if no yield sign is present for the driver turning right.

Do keyboards break if left to sit for too long?

nope. they do not the keys might probably weaken, but other than that there should be no problem at all. try getting keyboard with spring keys (they make click sound when pressed). they will last longer compared to soft gel ones.

Can you eat the inside bean of a green bean before it turns brown if it is too ripe to eat as green beans?

I just had a bowl of green bean "seed" with cilantro and garlic salt for seasoning. Delicious! These beans were taken from the matured, browned and dried pods of ordinary green pole beans (which I grew from seeds left over from a crop two years ago) I intentionally left the beans I missed while picking through this growing season for next years seed. But I had so many it occurred to me I could treat them like any other dried bean. I put them in water, brought it to a boil, turned off the burner, and let them sit overnight to soften. Today I added my seasoning and finished cooking them. They are pure white beans with a slightly "nutty" taste. It stands to reason that you can eat the "seed" of the green bean "fruit" (the whole bean itself) at any stage of maturity.

When turning left on green -- if you have a left turn yield on green and the driver across from you has a yield sign and is turning right -- who has the right-of-way?

this is really a matter of courtesy, he must yield to you, but since you are turning LEFT, legally he has the right of way, UNLESS YOU ARE TURNING LEFT ON A GREEN ARROW then you will have the right of way. Another View: The question states that the left turner has a sign that says " Left Turn Yield on Green. " In that case the left turner MUST yield to the right turner since even without signs, the right turn has the right-of-way and is the 'superior' vehicle in this scenario. Of course, as stated above, if there is a left turn arrow controlliing the left turn lane, then all other traffic must yield to the movement that is authorized by the signal, and in THAT scenario the left turner WOULD have the ROW over the opposing traffic.

Will a home pregnancy test change if left for too long?

Yes it will. I took 2 pregnancy tests 2 days ago and left them till today. They showed I was pregnant for the past 2 days and are finally now starting to change. The lines will eventually disappear which is why it is meant to be taken and looked at straight away (1-3) mins after taking test the accurate reading will show. read it, and discard.

How long can an unopened loaf of bread be left in a car?

Heat will have little to do with the loaf of breads deterioration, if the car has a high humidity and has been opened and exposed to the air for to long it will dry and or mold if exposed to water. During the baking process the starch granules in the flour become gelatinous at 140F (60C). After the bread has been removed from the oven the staling begins. Staling consists of the starch granules recrystalizing as the water in them migrates to drier areas such as the crust. This is why if you wrap bread air tight in plastic wrap the crust will get tough and leathery as it absorbs the water. If you leave the bread out for too long, the bread will uniformly dry out as the water escapes into the air and the crust will get drier as it loses yet even more moisture.

When you come to an left turn green arrow and it turns but the main light is green do you have to wait for the green light to come on again?

If you are referencing the "green arrow" to come on again, no, but you are suppose to "yield" to oncoming traffic, especially, more than likely, they have a green light to go. For example, if you are heading north in the north lane and a car is heading south on the south lane, but gets in the turning lane to make a left turn and there is no green arrow but their light is green, it is legal to turn, but you have to yield to oncoming traffic, make sure oncoming traffic is clear before you go out in the road. If not, it could cause a major accident. Added to clarify: If the green left arrow goes out and is replaced by a red left arrow or a red bullseye clearly meant to control the left turn lane, THEN you must wait until the next green arrow in order to make your turn.

Will rabbits go blind if left in the dark too long?

Would you go blind if left in the dark for too long? The answer is no. Actually, yes. So can humans. It must me total darkness though. And for many months. It would have to be room with no windows. Humans kept in total darkness go blind because the cells involved with their rods and cones die off from lack of use.

Does too much chlorine make the pool turn green?

Generally algae causes pool water to turn green. If your asking about pool plaster, it's usually metals that cause it to turn green IE: copper or manganese. Sometimes that's from to low pH or use of copper based algaecides.

Why does balloons pop when left in the sunlight for too long?

because the heat of the sun makes its makes it pop most substances have a unique feature of expanding when subjected to heat. similarly the rubber in a balloon expands and expands and expands until a time comes when it ruptures or breaks just like how it happens if you blow too much air in to it...

How long does a male Green Anaconda grow too?

Specimens can reach more than 16 feet (4.87 metres) - but accurate reports are sketchy, as capturing & transporting live specimens from their natural habitat is difficult due to the remoteness of the location. The largest scientifically recorded specimen was a female measuring 17 ft 1 in (5.21 metres) long and weighing 215 lbs (97.5 kilos)

Who is at fault when your making a left Hand turn on a green light and a motorcycle hit you?

if you make a left turn and there is is a collision it is YOUR fault. unless it was a green left turn arrow. the vehicle making the left MUST use caution AND give the right of way to any other vehicles, as I said before unless you have a green left turn arrow As a general rule across the U.S., anytime a motorcycle is involved in a crash with a non-motorcycle vehicle, the non-motorcycle driver will be found at fault. (check the stats).

What happens if bread is left to rise too long?

Bread dough that is left to rise too long will fall and be sour, because the yeast in the dough will consume all of the sugars in the dough. Without sugar, the yeast cannot produce the gas that causes bread to rise.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Day the Bread Turned Green - 2008?

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