Why is white bread cheaper than brown bread if it takes more time and energy to remove and bleach it?

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This is my guess. When white bread became popular, the bakeries geared up to make it on a large scale. Switching back and forth, and keeping track of different products and different labling costs money. So NOT bleaching some of it costs moneh.

Compare tea bags vs. loose tea. The bags were more expensive when they were invented, but as more and more people chose to buy them, loose tea became a deviation and some packers stopped fooling with the loose.
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Why is brown bread healthier than white bread?

I'm a big supporter of bread but not the kind most people buy. What I'd prefer to say is brown bread is less bad for you than white bread. With white bread the wheat is gro

Can white bread be healthier than brown bread?

The white bread can be healthier, usually if it is only white-wheat, though. Wheat (brown bread) is healthier than just plain white bread because it had vitamins, calcium, and

Does brown bread have less calories than white bread?

It has more or less same amount of calories as white bread but the reason people take brown bread is because it doesn't easily get digested so therefore you don't get hungry s
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Which is cheaper white or brown bread?

It depends on who is selling it. Generally white bread tends to be cheaper because it's mass produced and more people buy white than brown. It contains far less nutritionally

What has more sugar in it brown or white bread?

so ive been told brown bread has a lot more sugar in it than white so its not as healthy as people think it also take a lot longer to digest than white so can be sitting there