You have box of old luzianne tea certificates are these still good these are red scissors coupons?

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Is tea good for you?

Tea, including both green tea , and regular black tea \n(what most people mean when they just say "tea") is pretty good for \nyou, much in the same way other natural foods, like fresh fruits and \nvegetables are. But it's not a miracle drug, and people often over-hype\nit, especially green tea. \ (MORE)

I found in an old box a 1953 5 bill with a red seal and a 1934A 20 bill with a green seal Can I still use them?

Yes - the U.S. has not withdrawn any bills printed in the 20th century - but you might want to see if a dealer would pay you a bit more than their face value. Both of these are moderately common so you may not get much more than your original $25, but it can't hurt to find out. If not, the 5 in part (MORE)

Are jalapenos still good when they are red?

As jalapenos and other green chiles ripen on the plant, they usually gradually change from green to red. Red ripe jalapenos have a slightly different flavor than green ones, but most people find them even better because they get a more complex flavor. You don't see many red jalapenos at regular supe (MORE)

What is the government coupon for tv convert boxes?

it is a red card provided by the govt that ihas a value of 40 dollars and you can only use to buy a converter box on authorized retailer, most of the converter boxest cost between 50 and 60 bucks so you have to put some money ps. they are not completely free but they are affordable by alot of pe (MORE)

Are your old stamps still good?

Yes, they are still valid. The United States hasn't devalued postage since the Civil War. So you can continue to use them for postage at their face value..

Why is tea good for you?

Its full of water and hydrates you, and also its full of antioxidants which help to rid your body of toxins

What is good tea?

Jasmine or green tea because it will clean all the toxins out of your body.

What are good websites for legitimate coupons?

Free Shopping and Discount online are words that can make any woman scream in jubilance. Not only women but men also look to avail different discounts for countless needs that ; of their everyday life. We warmly welcome you to Online Coupon Island where you can shop shop and shop till your eyes lite (MORE)

Does it feel good tribbing or scissoring?

They are the same thing, the latter term a slang for the former. Well, everyone has different preferences. However, no other part of the human body has as many nerve endings as the clitoris. It's vastly more sensitive the tip of the penis. This particular sexual practice is designed to maximize the (MORE)

Is a year old Prozac still good?

The official answer is: Medications should be discarded one year after they are dispensed or when indicated by the pharmacy label. This is for several reasons. I will list two: 1.The prescription that the physician originally wrote is good for one year. If you haven't seen the physician for reeva (MORE)

Where can you find good coupons?

Good coupons can easily found out online, there are so many websites which sell coupons to get a discounted price on various product. Discounts can also be opted while hosting a website. If you are shopping online you can also find good coupon codes that can save you up to 30% on your order. Coup (MORE)

Where are the teas in pandora's box?

Tea Ingredients and the locations .. , Solve Puzzle 036 in chapter 2 at the tree-lined path 1. Oasis Leaf: Obtain with the tea set. 2. Brisk Berry : Obtain with the tea set. 3. Belle Tart Seed : Obtain with the tea set. 4. Dream Fluff : In chapter 4, solve Puzzle 061 outside the hot (MORE)

Where do you get the tea ingredients from in Pandora's Box?

Tea Ingredients and where to find them. To unlock this mini-game. Tea Ingredients and Where their location .. , Solve Puzzle 036 in chapter 2 at the tree-lined path 1. Oasis Leaf: Obtain with the tea set. 2. Brisk Berry : Obtain with the tea set. 3. Belle Tart Seed : Obtain with the tea se (MORE)

Where are the scissors on red dragon poptropica?

After you fix the bridge and the sumo wrestler comes running he drops the scissors on the bridge when you fix the bridge a sumo wrestler comes across and bumps a woman she then drops the shears and you use them the match the picture in the bonsai tree store when you get it right a man will come a (MORE)

Where is a good place to get Subway coupons?

Buying the Sunday newspaper to get the coupons is a thing of the past; especially since most restaurants now have their coupon deals on the internet, for the consumer to print for FREE. Most large franchise establishments have made the shift to online coupons to save their franchise owners substanti (MORE)

Is ketchup in packets in a box dated 2009 still good?

In my uncles opinion, ketchup never goes bad. However, depending on what year you asked this question, anything past 2 years (in this case, 2011) will not be favorable, but health wise it shouldn't be dangerous.

How old you can do coupon?

There is no age requirement for grocery coupons as long as you're not buying a restricted product such as tobacco.

Where do you get scissors on red dragon island?

If you go to where the hut is on the farthest side of the island OPPOSITE of the Magic Tree House, you should see a bag of motar lying outside the stone wall. Take it. Then, go on the red bridge, and use the motar to fix the bridge. Then, a sumari should stampede across it, dropping the bonsi sissor (MORE)

Where can Old Navy coupons be found?

Coupons for Old Navy may be found at a variety of online sites. Old Navy's website frequently offers coupons and deals, while other sites such Deal Locker, Good Search, and Savings dot com, offer coupons, as well. Coupons may be for a percentage off the total bill or may off buy one get one free d (MORE)

Where can you get a coupon for a free converter box?

The government CECB program has expired so there are no more vouchers available to purchase converter boxes. Converter boxes are relatively inexpensive though, costing less than $50. The voucher program didn't offer free boxes, only discounts, so the consumer out of pocket expense was about $20-30 (MORE)

Where can one get coupons for Red Lobster?

Coupons for Red Lobster can be printed from their website. Red Lobster coupons can also be found in newspaper inserts, or on advertisements at their restaurant locations.

What uses are good for scissors?

Scissors are made up of a pair of metal blades that can be used for cutting various materials such as paper, cardboard, metal foil, cloth, etc. They can also be used to cut food or hair.

Where can tea boxes be bought?

One can purchase tea boxes from various websites like Amazon or eBay. Both websites offer a great amount of products which can be bought online including tea boxes.